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Our Dedicated Staff

As both a healing community and an actual working community, our dedicated staff members are integral to our success. In addition to their qualifications, the CooperRiis Healing Community staff members bring experience and desire as clinicians, coaches, teachers, advisors, musicians, and guides.

As of April 2021, CooperRiis Healing Community employs 180 full and part-time staff who serve up to 36 residents at the Farm, Mill Spring/Tryon location, and up to 24 residents in our new insurance-based CooperRiis at Asheville Program, September 1st, 2020.

The Asheville Community Program, located in Asheville, North Carolina, serves 25 residents in five community homes, each with 4-5 bedrooms and overnight staff and daytime coaching.

We chose our talented and devoted staff for their kindness, their ability to believe in and have hope for our residents, and their mental health expertise and skills to find and appreciate the strengths of vulnerable people.

Many of our staff have expressed that working at CooperRiis is a ‘calling’ for them. If you’d like to be considered for CooperRiis employment, please email your interest to

To meet some of the CooperRiis staff, please click on tabs in the sidebar.


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