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Lisbeth Riis Cooper

Lisbeth Riis Cooper

Design Director, Vice-Chair & Co-Founder

Lisbeth is the Visionary and Co-founder of CooperRiis with her husband, Don. Having grown up in Denmark, where the emphasis on design and functionality go hand in hand, she has taken that to a new level in the area of mental health.

Her day-to-day focus is designing and implementing an attractive and functional living and work environment for residents and staff. Her role as Design Director also involves Photography, Web Design, and Social Media. She also consults with other mental health programs on interior design.

Lisbeth previously worked in management and held teaching positions in the fashion and textile industry in New York City.

Lisbeth was an internship counselor, an adjunct instructor at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and an adjunct instructor at Parson’s School of Design, both in New York City. She’s a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, NY.

Governor Roy Cooper appointed Lisbeth in May 2019 to serve on the North Carolina Commission for Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Services.

She formerly served two terms on the Board of Directors of the Asheville Art Museum and was president of the Board of Caring for Children in Asheville, NC. She has three adult children and five amazing grandchildren.

YouTube video
Lisbeth speaks about what motivated her and her husband to start CooperRiis in 2003.