New Programming for people on the Autism Spectrum/Neurodiversity

Auguie Henry

Auguie Henry, BA

Asheville Community Program Director

As the Asheville Community Program Director, he juggles many hats: hire, train and manage staff, teaches cooking and cleaning skills, logistics management, program development, and much more. His prior position was as a manager leading a team of House Advisors who work directly with Community Members in our program.

My work at CooperRiis is important to me because I believe that people, communities, and organizations function as ecosystems guided by similar principles and life-forces that permeate the living world around us. Life and recovery transpire through interconnected and interdependent relationships

Prior to settling in Asheville, Auguie spent more than five years living and working in northern Minnesota for the Voyageur Outward Bound School. Through leading multi-week wilderness expeditions in the Boundary Waters, Auguie learned the true meaning and elements of community support, compassion, laughter, challenge, adventure, and a hot meal at the end of a long day. All of these virtues ring true within the CooperRiis Community.

Auguie graduated from Prescott College in Arizona in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, emphasizing his studies in Family Systems Theory. The experiential pedagogy of this school provided Auguie an education that is unparalleled in the undergraduate field, and the unique experience laid the groundwork for his vocational pursuits.

He recently added a St. Berdoodle – a St. Bernard and Standard Poodle mix Named Dogi to his family. The name derives from a song made popular by  Woodie Guthrie.