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Who can attend CooperRiis?

Adults, aged 18 and above come to CooperRiis with a variety of mental health challenges, including (but not limited to) schizophrenia or schizo-affective disorder, thought disorders and mood disorders, including bipolar disorder, major depressive or anxiety disorder and personality disorders, including borderline and avoidant personality disorders. We suggest alternative programs for individuals currently at imminent risk of self-harm or harm to others, individuals struggling currently from an eating disorder requiring constant monitoring or individuals currently abusing drugs or alcohol.

Once invited to join the community, how soon can a resident move in?

During COVID we have moved away from our traditional “Exploritory Visit” process and we utilize a Direct Admissions process currently. Once a new resident has been accepted into our community, typically arrival arrangements can be made within 2-5 days.

Will I have my own room?

Yes. At CooperRiis, all residents have private bedrooms and private bathrooms (The Farm) or ensuite bathrooms (CooperRiis at Asheville).

Are smoking and vaping allowed?

Smoking is allowed in designated areas. Both our campuses are vape free.

My family member has substance abuse issues combined with his/her mental illness.
Can you help?

CooperRiis supports individuals with a primary psychiatric diagnosis. We ask those struggling with an addiction to have at least 30 days of sobriety before joining our community. As with all of our guidelines, this is individualized and we encourage you to speak with an admissions staff member to discuss specifics.

How long is the average stay?

The length of a resident’s stay is highly individualized and depends on their specific needs and challenges. Residents may next transition to our Community Program. We currently have 12 homes with 3-5 bedrooms in Asheville, Mill Spring and Tryon, NC. Staffing may be full-time or daytime depending on the persons level of independence.

What is the role of the family member?

We strongly advocate for family participation in the individual’s recovery process. Once necessary releases (allowing us to share confidential information) are authorized by the resident or guardian, our staff will contact families by email or phone to give regular updates on progress being made.
In addition to regular communication, we now host Family Education programming virtually for all families of current residents and community members. Our therapists may also provide individualized family engagement, education and support at a level that is appropriate for each resident’s specific goals.

Do we treat the LGBTQIA+ community?

Yes. Here at CooperRiis we welcome all LGBTQIA+ community members. We are consistently supportive and inclusive of all our residents, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, gender orientation, or any other identifiable factors. If you or a loved one are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Pansexual, Trans or gender diverse, Queer and/or questioning, Intersexed, Agender, Asexual and or consider yourself an Ally to the community, you will find a safe, affirming and supportive healing community here at CooperRiis; free of judgement and prejudice. 

How we support this:

CooperRiis recognizes the needs and or preferences of LGBTQIA+ residents and ensures that those needs are being met wherever possible.

CooperRiis Staff attend inclusivity trainings and as an organization has an inclusivity/diversity task force. 

Our milieu is updated regularly of our LGBTQIA+ resident community and encouraged to be sensitive and inclusive.

CooperRiis has a zero-tolerance rule if harassment occurs; acknowledgement and remediation is set into action immediately.

CooperRiis offers all private bedrooms-program wide. 

CooperRiis offers either private or semi-private baths at residential level.

CooperRiis has gender-inclusive community restrooms in common shared areas.

What happens when residents complete their recovery on campus?

Many of our main campus residents move into our Community Program. We provide those who choose to return home with a transition plan and help schedule appointments with area psychiatrists and therapists.

What are your fees?

The resident or family pay privately for residential treatment at the Farm Program and Asheville Community Program, however CooperRiis at Asheville program accepts out of network insurance.

Residency at the CooperRiis at Asheville, a clinical intensive short-term model, is $800 per day/$24,000 per month, or the allowable insurance rate if higher, plus a $1,000 one-time incidental fee, which is refunded if not used. Out of network insurance is accepted.

This includes a private room and en-suite bathroom, psychiatry, therapy, case management, dining, clinical groups, experiential groups, wellness activities and community building time. The fee does not cover the cost of outside physician fees, medications, and supplements, which are billed separately, or transportation fees and personal spending money. 

The “Farm in Mill Spring” residency is $18,500 per month for the first two months. In the third month of residency, individuals may apply for financial aid through the CooperRiis Scholarship Program.

The monthly fee covers the cost of a private room and bathroom, therapy, case management, clinical groups and experiential groups, dining, wellness activities, community building times, and recreation. The fee does not cover the cost of psychiatry services, outside physician fees, medications, and supplements, which are billed separately, or transportation fees and personal spending money.

Fees for the Asheville Community Program range from $8,900 to $2,000 per month depending upon which level of transitional living support a resident needs.

Do you accept insurance?

CooperRiis at Asheville does accept out of network benefits for treatment and bills the insurance carriers directly on the resident’s and family’s behalf.

However, The Farm at Mill Spring and the Asheville Community Program do not. For resident’s and families of these programs, we suggest a third party billing and utilization management company, SJ Health Insurance Advocates, that will work to help secure insurance reimbursement when applicable. We encourage these residents and families to review their insurance benefits with SJ Health Insurance Advocates to see if reimbursement is possible.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about CooperRiis.

Please contact us for more information.

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