Healing in a Community

CooperRiis (pronounced Cooper-Reese) is a non-profit residential healing community for adults with mental health challenges.

Since its launch in 2003, CooperRiis has put over 1,300 individuals on a proven path to sustaining their mental health and independence. 

CooperRiis is a Healing Community committed to a personalized approach to care with the help of a supportive and working community. Our programs, located in Asheville and Mill Spring, North Carolina, provide a continuum of care for people at different stages of their recovery journey.


Our healing mission is to improve the lives of individuals struggling with mental illness or other mental health challenges by helping them work towards achieving their highest levels of functioning and fulfillment.

road to the farm


We envision a future where the stigma against individuals with mental health conditions has disappeared, where all individuals with mental illness will have the opportunity to recover, and where these individuals will be accepted into their communities as responsible and contributing citizens. We believe that recovery from serious mental illness is possible. We also believe that recovery comes in different forms. At CooperRiis Residential Treatment Center, we give our residents the right to define their mental health recovery — whether it’s to live independently, gain satisfying employment or achieve a higher level of meaningful social interaction.

A Continuum of Care

CooperRiis offers a safe and structured environment to support an individual’s mental health recovery and healing through a combination of clinical care, purposeful work, service to the community, and holistic health and wellness practices.

Purposeful Work

Our residents choose work that inspires them and matches their interests, including caring for the animals at The Farm, preparing meals, or growing flowers and vegetables in our garden or greenhouse. 

New Residents Welcome

Learn more about CooperRiis and find the program that meets you where you are.