New Partial Hospitalization Program Opening July 5th
Sharon Edwards

Sharon Edwards

Admissions Coordinator

Sharon has worked for CooperRiis for over ten years and brings a unique and hands-on perspective to CooperRiis Admissions. Sharon previously worked as a House Advisor and a Lodge Advisor and understood prospective residents’ and their families’ needs better than anyone. The CooperRiis Lodge Advisors reside in the lodges with the residents; they essentially become their surrogate families while in residential care for their mental health recovery. 

“My favorite thing as a lodge advisor was spending quality time with residents, supporting them during good and challenging times, and watching their dreams become their reality. I gained a deep understanding of the family dynamics. When I answer an admissions phone call, I hear the anxiety in the family member’s voice, most often a mother, but I also hear a deep love and caring in their voice; they are looking for help for their loved one. I get it, and I am here to help and support families.”

Sharon and her husband love cruise vacations; look for her infectious laughter and big smile if you happen to be on a cruise ship. Sharon may be the person next to you.