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Personalized Treatment in our Healing Community

We believe in human potential and not defining people by a diagnosis. At CooperRiis, we’re committed to a personal approach to care, and offer residential mental health treatment programs for adults diagnosed with anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, personality disorders, PTSD and bipolar disorder.

Our recovery approach combines a balance of trusted clinical therapies, purposeful work, community service, education, and holistic health and wellness practice. We empower residents to take ownership of their recovery journey and encourage their families to be active participants as well.

Rather than focus on an illness or diagnosis, we shift the resident’s focus to wellness and possibility. Upon arrival, each resident writes or articulates a personal Dream Statement, laying out their hopes for the future. Throughout the recovery process, the Dream Statement serves as a roadmap for each resident as they work toward their valued goals.

Mental Illness Recovery Is Possible

We believe recovery from mental illness is possible and offer hope that our residents can achieve mental wellness to continue on life’s path. If this sounds helpful or hopeful, we look forward to hearing from you. Call or email now to get started.


To learn more about the CooperRiis approach to working with people with various psychiatric difficulties, please view the pages below:

Anxiety Disorders

Bipolar Disorder

Dual Diagnosis

Major Depressive Disorder

Personality Disorders




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