Once a resident, always a friend.

All current and former residents will always be members of our CooperRiis Community. In fact, many of our former residents have gone on to become valued professionals on our staff in a wide variety of capacities. Drawing on their lived experience, they provide a unique – and invaluable – perspective to current residents who are on their journey to recovery.

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To speak with an alumni or contact us about the Alumni program, please email us at Alumni@CooperRiis.org.

Kat Black
Resource Development Associate/Alumni Services
Laurie Rovin, MSW, MA
Chief Development Officer

Alumni Survey

An alumni program is currently under development at CooperRiis. To ensure that the program continues to meet your needs, we’d love your input. All ideas are welcome! See our alumni survey. Alumni Services under consideration include regular e-newsletters or texts to keep you informed about recovery issues, retreats, workshops, ambassador opportunities, or other fun activities.

Kat's Story

Kat Black
My experience with mental health challenges overwhelmed my life before CooperRiis. In looking back on these times, I realize it was a systemic challenge. I was not receiving individualized care; I felt forced to fit a mold of others with a mental health diagnosis. However, I have never fit the mold. I felt like my life, and my struggles were much bigger than that. I had more to give, I had more to learn, and I owed myself to experience life more positively. Being able to stand firm in my journey and contribute to others, including my family, has been a gift recovery has given me. It was never a lack of effort that challenged me; I have always tried hard to better myself, be a happier person, have moments of peace, and share life and love. I have always been a person who enjoyed the outdoors and engaged in an active lifestyle. I am also the type of person that wants to see the good in all people and all situations; it motivates me, it challenges me positively. Being able to express the love and beauty of all people, especially being empathetic to those in similar situations, has been an ongoing passion.

CooperRiis enabled me to access my potential. While working the program, CooperRiis helped me find self-love, respect, and empowerment in the middle of my journey. Because of this immense gift, I gained my life back. It gave me reason and purpose. One of those reasons was understanding that I was not alone. For that reason, I found meaning in assisting others who are navigating life challenged by mental health. These individuals are a constant inspiration to me by thriving each day in their unique recovery journeys.

I now work at CooperRiis in resource development and alumni collaboration. I witness my peers and fellow alumni each day living life as their best selves. I get to celebrate their successes, hopes, and dreams. It is an honor to do this for the same place that gave me my reason to be in constant celebration of life, love, and personal growth in the journey of recovery.

If you are an Alumni and would like to get involved, please complete the Alumni Survey and/or contact me at Alumni@CooperRiis.org.

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