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Important Admissions Update regarding COVID-19

Admissions Update

June 3rd, 2020

Welcome Baskets are personalized for each new resident who enters into our community by way of a quarantine.

CooperRiis will move to Phase II of the reopening of Admissions. We are reducing the number of mandatory quarantine days from 14 to 7 days. The new resident will be COVID tested on day 4 or 5, and assuming the test is negative, will become a full member of the community on day 8. If the test was to come back positive for the resident (any resident for that matter), the resident would remain in quarantine. The new resident will be required to abide by the following conditions from day 8-day 14:

  1. Wear a mask when they are anywhere in the community; Community Work and Service, groups, clinical meetings,  watching a movie, etc. The only exception will be when they are alone in their room.
  2. In the Dining Room when masks are removed, the new resident will distance themselves from others, but will not be completely removed from community nor feel ostracized. Dining outdoors or alone in their private room is also an option.
  3. Practice all universal precautions: infection control, hand washing, and strict adherence to social distancing.

Communities are opening and it is time for us to begin doing so with small steps as well. We would not be taking this step without careful thought and consideration. Many thanks to our staff who have been involved in welcoming and making our new residents feel comfortable and at home during this time. I realize and appreciate how this experience has affected everyone in different and difficult ways.

Eric A. Levine, President & CEO

We’re Here to Help

Choosing a residential mental health treatment center is an important life decision. The members of the CooperRiis Admissions Team want you to feel supported and informed every step of the way — whether you’re a prospective resident, a family member, or a referring professional.

Our dedicated staff is here, ready to answer your questions about CooperRiis and assist in making an informed decision about the very best mental health treatment options for you, your loved one, or the client.

Taking the First Steps

With the initial phone call or email, our staff will share information about CooperRiis and our approach to treatment and gather information about the potential resident’s history to determine if CooperRiis is an appropriate fit.

Suppose CooperRiis is determined to be a good fit. In that case, the next step is for the prospective resident or family member and referring clinician to complete and submit the required Admissions Forms that will be emailed to you along with other relevant records for clinical review, including discharge summaries from past psychiatric treatment, hospitals, or other residential programs that the Admissions Teams will retrieve on your behalf. The CooperRiis team will review the Admissions package within 48 hours of receipt and contact you for the next steps.

Call 828.894.7140 to begin the Admissions Process now.

Admissions Checklist

Please reach out to The Farm Admissions Team at 828-894-7140 or the CooperRiis at Asheville Admissions Team at 844-522-1234 to have one of our coordinators email you the most updated Admissions Application Forms. They can also help you determine which program would be best for you or your loved one to begin your mental health recovery journey.

Some of the forms you will be receiving from the Team:

A Treatment Team Referral Form, to be completed by referring psychiatrists and/or other licensed mental health professional(s) working with the applicant.

The Family Form, to be completed by the applicant’s immediate family (parents, spouse and/or guardian).

The Physical Form, to be completed by a medical professional.

The Resident Form, each applicant is encouraged to participate actively in the Admissions process, by describing, in their own words, their concerns, hopes and goals for their treatment. This optional form may be completed in writing by the applicant or in discussion conversation with an Admissions staff member.

Other Records

  • Discharge summaries from previous treatment facilities or programs
  • List of current medications (dosage and frequency)
  • Other relevant clinical or educational records

Step-by-Step Admissions Process

To prepare the CooperRiis Admissions Package, please complete the following steps:

  1. Read and complete the CooperRiis Admissions Forms mentioned on this page that an admissions coordinator will be emailing you.
  2. We will be obtaining discharge summaries from previous psychiatric treatment, hospitals or other residential programs once a proper release has been signed that we will provide you through email.
  3. We will also be obtaining other relevant clinical or educational records on your behalf with signed releases provided to you by the Admissions Team through email.
  4. Once you have completed filling out all of the Admissions Forms, you can email them to the Admissions Team, or you can mail them to:
    Admissions Team
    CooperRiis, 101 Healing Farm Lane, Mill Spring, NC 28756

Within 48 hours of receipt, the Admission Package will be reviewed and you will be contacted regarding next steps.

Our Admissions Team is available 24/7 to answer your calls.

Contact Us

Admissions Team

Our admissions team is available 24/7.

Phone: 828.894.7140

Fax: 844.965.9530

Michelle Nirde, LCSW, LCAS Admissions Director (Read Bio)
Amy Lee, MSW, Clinical Admissions Coordinator (Read Bio)
Ashley Martin, BA, Admissions Coordinator (Read Bio)
Jennifer Meehan, LCSW, Admissions Manager Asheville (Read Bio)
Abigail Krieck, BA, Admissions Coordinator (Read Bio)

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