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Choosing a long-term residential mental health treatment center is an important life decision and the CooperRiis admissions team members want you to feel supported and informed every step of the way—whether you are the potential resident, their family or a referring professional. The  admissions process is not only about an individual fitting in but also about whether we are the right fit for them.

The CooperRiis admissions team members will do their best to find answers to your questions about residential mental health treatment and assist you in making an informed decision… a decision based on trust and confidence.

Application Forms & Resident Involvement

During the first phone call or email conversation, our team members will share information about our program and answer questions as we in turn learn more about the individual seeking treatment.  If CooperRiis seems to be a good fit, our team will recommend that the three admissions forms be filled out by the potential resident and/or their family, and the referring clinician. Records and discharge summaries from past psychiatric treatment, hospitals or other residential programs are also needed.

Next step to Admission

Upon receiving completed forms and receipt of all relevant information and records, our team will review the file within 24-48 hours, and contact you with next-steps.

An invitation to visit.

The next step is an invitation to come visit CooperRiis. The potential resident and family member(s) will come to either our Asheville or Mill Spring campus for a two-day exploratory visit, at no charge, to experience being a resident. You will have the opportunity to tour the campus, meet with other residents and staff, dine with us and stay overnight on campus to fully experience community life to get a real sense of our program. Family members stay in lodging of their choice.

After an admissions meeting at the end of day two, exploratory visitors are typically extended an invitation for immediate admission.

Call (828) 894-7140 to learn more.

Admissions Checklist

  • The Treatment Team Form (PDF)—To be completed by referring psychiatrists and/or other licensed mental health professional(s) working with the applicant
  • The Family Form (PDF)—To be completed by the applicant’s immediate family (parents, spouse and/or guardian)
  • The Physical Form (PDF)—To be completed by a medical professional
  • The Resident Form (PDF)—Each applicant is encouraged to participate actively in the admissions process. We would like the applicant to describe, in their own words, their concerns, their hopes and their goals. This form can be either filled out by the applicant or discussed in conversation with an admissions staff member *Optional*
  • Records
  • Discharge Summaries from past Psychiatric Hospitals and/or programs

Our admissions team is available Monday through Friday from 8:00am until 5:00pm Eastern Standard time to answer your calls. Our team can be reached via email, phone, or fax:  |  (828) 894-7140 (phone)  |  (828) 894-7111 (fax)

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