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Family Education Weekend – A Team Effort

With spring 2017’s Family Education Weekend wrapped up, the staff at CooperRiis have paused to reflect, digest, and thank those who made the weekend possible. A communal effort made this special weekend possible for residents and families, because of this our gratitude overflows. Most of all, collaboration was evident throughout. Residential in addition to housekeeping …Continue

Art Therapy – Express Yourself at CooperRiis

You may ask “what is art therapy?” It is general wisdom that everyone is born with some innate creative ability. Unfortunately, many of us fail to nurture this ability, and or, stop exercising it. Perhaps we noticed that others were more talented than ourselves, and due to this we became discouraged. Therefore, art therapy is …Continue

Family Education Weekend: A Co-Learning Journey to Well Being

Although the first days of April saw our most recent Family Education Weekend (or “FEW,” as we call it), CooperRiis has been providing educational programming to its residents and family members since its inception in 2003. In the fourteen years that this psychoeducational program has been offered, core principles guide its structure. Education. Support, and …Continue

Recipe(s) for Recovery!

Our wellness and nutrition guru, Mary Kreider, has worked at CooperRiis since we opened in 2003. Today, some bestselling authors are starting to write about what she’s long been preaching. Holistic nutrition principles can not only improve your health. They can also help improve a mood disorder. Mary oversees our Wellness Program, which includes nutrition, …Continue

An Artist and a Coach

When you visit CooperRiis, there are three large sculptures you should spot. And one man you should meet. He’s Jim Weitzel, a Forest City artist who has worked at CooperRiis since it opened in 2003. Jim is one of the first staffers to meet residents and their families. He’s given more than 2,000 tours and …Continue

With immense gratitude…

Dear Friends, Thirteen years ago we started CooperRiis Healing Community because of our personal experience with the challenging mental health system.  We envisioned a place where an individual isn’t defined by their diagnosis, but by their personality and their potential.  We wanted to create a community where people could heal and pursue their dreams. Over …Continue

CooperRiis Names New Executive Director

CooperRiis Names New Executive Director, Highly Acclaimed Psychologist Michael Groat Michael Groat, PhD, a clinical leader at the Menninger Clinic in Houston for 9 years, will be the next Executive Director and President of the CooperRiis Healing Community starting Jan. 2. He will succeed Virgil Stucker, who last year announced his intention to step down …Continue

A Way Forward for College Students with Mental Illness

Dear Samantha, Dear Johnny, As I write, I’m imagining you in a dark space. You began college with hopes and dreams for the future, with an understanding about what you were going to study and you were going to accomplish as you moved into adulthood. Amidst the stress of your freshman year in college you …Continue

Meet Pat Dockendorf – a CooperRiis Community legend

  Twenty years ago, Pat Dockendorf moved 7 miles from what would become CooperRiis’ farm campus. At 70, she and her husband were ready to transition into a Life Care Community. But Pat was far from kicking up her feet and resting. “Living at Tryon Estates has been great. The support allows me the freedom …Continue

Bridging the Divide: Shifting to Collaborations Between Traditional Psychiatry and Holistic Approaches

A wonderful New York Times article illustrates something our country has never seen. A growing push that expands the range of options for mental health treatments and improves the ways to maximize recovery. Rather than relying on diagnostic labels, overmedication and involuntary restraint, the article highlights how mental health treatment should include nonmedical, holistic recovery …Continue

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