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Transitional living fosters independent living skills, supported by CooperRiis staff

We believe that transitional living, our Community Program, is the best choice for gaining independent living. The supportive skills learned come to life in the Community Program; it is where the dreams of our residents continue to take shape, providing them with increasing levels of stability, hope and health, and tools to achieve full community re-integration, self-sufficiency, and engagement. What starts as a dream statement often becomes a tangible, meaningful reality. For some, it means college or full-time employment. For all, it means better coping skills and a healthier approach to everyday living.

The CooperRiis Community Program follows a stay at either of our Asheville or Mill Spring main campuses. Residents live in furnished, mixed-gender transitional homes with private bedrooms, sharing in household chores, cooking and grocery shopping. The homes are staffed for daily and overnight support and located in Asheville, North Carolina.

Community Program Levels of Care

Approximately 80 percent of residents who complete the program reach the level of independence they desire and are successfully reintegrated into the community, an achievement that has earned CooperRiis national recognition.

At all Levels of Community Program care, residents have access to appointments with our psychiatrist and support through the 24/7 on-call system supported by CooperRiis Licensed therapists.

Level B

At Level B, the resident lives in a CooperRiis house with live-in staff and continued staff support for life and work goals, social and creative activities, meal planning, budgeting and transportation, while freely moving about in the larger community. Residents at Level B also receive weekly individual psychotherapy, planning sessions with a Recovery Coordinator, access to our psychiatrist, if needed, supervised self-administration of medications and college and/or job coaching, as needed.

Level C

At Level C, the residents are provided with a furnished residence, but without live-in staff. Residents still receive staff support near the levels provided for Level B with added focus on independence, continuance of life and work goals, social and creative activities, meal planning and budgeting.

Level D

At level D, a resident has moved to his or her own housing, yet still receives a limited amount of staff support with life and work goals, access to our psychiatrist and recovery oriented social activities.

Fulfilling and Independent Living

At CooperRiis, we approach mental illness with the goal of promoting whole person health. This powerful, person-centered, strengths-based approach is effective and enables adults with psychiatric disorders to lead fulfilling, independent lives. Recovery is a process, with each new step building on the last.

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