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Transitional living fosters independent living skills, supported by CooperRiis staff

The Transitional Living Program is designed for people to integrate into the larger community more fully before living independently.  The program consists of five homes in Asheville, NC. Each home has 4-5 bedrooms where residents have their own room, shared bathrooms and community spaces. 

The residents are provided with a clinical team including psychiatry, psychotherapy and case-management. Groups are offered daily as well as social activities within the program and the greater Asheville area. 

This program reinforces life and work goals, structured time, meal planning, and budgeting. Residents must be open to engage in part-time employment, school or volunteerism, and our vocational counselor is available to support these goals. 

The program provides medication supports including storage of medications, assistance with packing weekly medication strips, ordering refills and reminders around taking medications. 

We believe that transitional living is the best choice for building and developing independent living skills. In this program, our residents’ dreams take shape and increase their stability, hope, health, and tools to achieve full community re-integration, self-sufficiency, resiliency and engagement.

The Transitional Living Program offers direct admission and is open to people coming from other residential treatment centers, higher levels of care, and people who are coming from home seeking more structure and support. This program is also available as a step-down level of care for Residents of our Asheville or Mill Spring residential treatment programs who are ready to put their independent living skills into practice.

Download our Program Flyer here.

The Transitional Living Program is not independently licensed or accredited. The CooperRiis residential program at The Farm and at CooperRiis at Asheville are licensed by the state of NC and accredited through CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities). CooperRiis internally sets the same high standard level of care at the Transitional Living Program that meets the accreditation level at our residential campuses.

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Fulfilling and Independent Living

At CooperRiis, we approach mental illness intending to promote whole-person health. This powerful, person-centered, strengths-based approach effectively enables adults with psychiatric disorders to lead fulfilling, independent lives. Recovery is a process, with each new step building on the last.

Transitional Living Program Levels of Care

1 %

Approximately 80 percent of residents who complete the program reach the level of independence they desire and are successfully reintegrated into the community, an achievement that has earned CooperRiis national recognition.

Transitional Living Program

At this level of care, the Residents live in a CooperRiis house supported by clinical and residential staff and engages in the larger Asheville community. The CooperRiis team supports life and work goals, social and creative activities, meal planning, budgeting.

The Residents receives weekly individual psychotherapy, planning sessions with a Care Coordinator, access to our Psychiatrist, and college and/or job coaching. Medications are self-administered with staff oversight. 

Transitional Outpatient Support

When a Resident has moved into their own housing and would still benefit from clinical and or staff supports, this level of care is one step closer to full independent living. At this level of care the Resident lives independently but still interacts with CooperRiis support staff and their clinical team.  The Resident is welcome to engage in groups, as well as all social activities at the Transitional Living Program level.

  • At all Levels of Community Program care, Residents have access to appointments with our psychiatrist and support through the 24/7 on-call system supported by CooperRiis Licensed therapists.

Ready and Waiting

We would love to share more with you about our Transitional Living Program.
Our dedicated staff is available to speak with you. Contact Admissions today.

Transitional living for adults mental health treatment in our community program
Residents live together in CooperRiis homes with private bedrooms and shared bathrooms.

Location & Lodging

The Transitional Living Program, located in Asheville, North Carolina, serves 22 residents in five community homes, each with 4-5 bedrooms and overnight staff and daytime coaching.

Residents live in furnished, co-ed transitional homes with private bedrooms, shared bathrooms, and sharing household chores, cooking, and grocery shopping. All of the homes are located in the city of Asheville. 

Asheville Community Homes

Mental Health Conditions We Treat in our Asheville Community Program

We treat adults aged 18+ with mental health challenges. Select a condition to learn more about our recovery approach.

An Integrated System of Care

CooperRiis offers a safe and structured environment to support an individual’s mental health recovery and healing through a combination of clinical care, purposeful work, service to the community, and holistic health and wellness practices.