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Hope, Healing, and Mental Health Recovery in a Supportive Community

CooperRiis offers a safe and structured environment to support an individual’s mental health recovery and healing through a combination of clinical care, purposeful work, service to the community, and holistic health and wellness practices.

At CooperRiis, we believe that recovery from mental illness is possible and best achieved when residents and their families are active participants on the journey toward a healthy and meaningful life. Since 2003, we’ve been helping individuals and their loved ones renew their sense of hope.

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Integrated Continuum of Care

Short- and Long-term Residential Mental Health Programs

CooperRiis at Asheville

Set in the historic Montford district of downtown Asheville, this is a short-term program designed to promote stabilization and develop a foundation for longer-term recovery. It is also a potential next step to our longer-term programs.

  • Highest level of care
  • Short-term programming designed to promote stabilization and develop a foundation for longer-term recovery
  • Average length of stay: 1-3 months
  • Out of network benefits accepted

The Farm

The peaceful, bucolic campus includes an art barn and woodshop, a 4-acre lake, forest trails, and organic gardens and greenhouses. Farm residents spend most of their week on campus, with weekend trips into nearby towns and outdoor recreation.

  • Safe and structured environment to support an individual’s mental health recovery and healing
  • Average length of stay: 3-6 months
  • Private pay with possible rate reduction in 3rd month

Asheville Community Program

Dedicated to nurturing educational, vocational, social, and life skills over time in a community setting, residents eventually live independently with continued support as needed for ongoing life, education, and work goals.

  • Semi-independent transitional living arrangement
  • For graduates of either CooperRiis at Asheville or The Farm programs
  • Average length of stay: 6-12 months
  • Private pay with possible continued rate reduction

Clinical Supports

At CooperRiis, we believe in human potential and not defining people by a mental health diagnosis. Our approach to clinical care is grounded in a supportive community with traditional psychotherapy and group therapies, optimized medication use, and education to guide residents toward personal long-term care management.

Community Work & Service

Our Community Work & Service Program is rooted in the healing power of social engagement and being a part of a community. Residents spend 15-20 hours a week working as part of a team that contributes to the daily life and functioning of the CooperRiis community.


Our Integrative Wellness Program supports an individual’s recovery through optimal nutrition, fitness goal-setting, and mindfulness practices. Over time, these experiences help inspire and guide residents to better self-awareness and care for lifelong wellbeing.

Family Education Program

CooperRiis’ Family Education Program offers monthly interactive live events with clinicians as facilitators, pre-recorded content, and educational materials. If you are a resident, an alumni, or a family or support person to a resident or alumni, please sign up to gain access to this program.

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Our Philosophy:
Mind & Heart Working Together

Our unique recovery model emphasizes a personalized approach to care, combining trusted clinical therapies, Community Work & Service, education, and Integrative Wellness programming. With guidance through a resident’s ‘Dream Statement’, mental health recovery through a healing community, and renewed hope and independence through transitional living, CooperRiis is here to help people achieve their highest levels of functioning and fulfillment.

Guidance through a Personal Dream Statement

At CooperRiis, we empower residents to take ownership of their recovery journey. Rather than focus on an illness or mental health diagnosis, we shift the resident’s focus on wellness and possibility. Upon arrival, each resident writes or articulates a personal Dream Statement, laying out their hopes for the future. The Dream Statement serves as a roadmap for each resident throughout the recovery process as they work toward their valued goals.

Recovery through a Healing Community

All community members walk with, work with, dine with, socialize with and talk with one another in a manner that empowers each to develop and fulfill their dreams and plans for a successful life. These values apply to residents, staff, and all other CooperRiis community members.

With a resident-to-staff ratio that’s better than 1:1, CooperRiis residents experience a holistic approach that includes daily service work, peer interaction, diet, exercise, self-esteem and empowerment. The focus is not just mental health, it’s optimal health.

playing games in the common room

What We Treat & Our Approach to Healing

To learn more about the CooperRiis approach to working with people with various psychiatric difficulties, please view the pages below:

Our Shared Experience

CooperRiis Healing Community was founded by parents who knew there had to be a better life for their adult child with a mental illness challenge, and wanted to offer the same support to other families. Since 2003, CooperRiis has been helping individuals and their loved ones renew their sense of hope.

We welcome the opportunity to support your family member struggling with mental health challenges or mental illness.

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