CooperRiis proudly supports May’s Mental Health Awareness Month

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April Lewis

April Lewis, BA

Admissions Recovery Coach

“The Human Connection is what I’m most passionate about in life. Being the Admissions Coach, I’m honored to be able to welcome new residents and guide them on their first day with us at CooperRiis.”

April’s previous work history is ‘quite colorful,’ varying from Customer Service and Mental Health to being a Licensed Yoga and Meditation Instructor to Retail and Office Managerial work. 

“I have been with CooperRiis at Asheville (CRA)for over three years now and have seen my life improve simply by being a part of a community that fosters unconditional positive regard, grace, and compassion. I am inspired by staff and residents alike and look forward to experiencing CRA’s growth.” 

April earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from UNC-Asheville. She plans to pursue her Masters’s Degree in Counseling.

April is grateful that CooperRiis supports Mindfulness Practices, one of the 7 Domains of Recovery. She developed a meditation practice in 1996 and received her certification to teach yoga and meditation in 2004.

“In my spare time, I love cuddling my fluffy, pure black kitty, Lulu, and laughing with my family and friends.”

“I am blessed to be the mother of an amazing son who just got his black belt in Tae Kwon Do!”