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Fees for Integrated Residential Continuum of Care

CooperRiis is a private, independent, non-profit residential treatment center and receives no federal, state funding. The resident and his or her family pay for residential treatment at the “Farm Program and the “Asheville Community Program.”

  • Residency at the “CooperRiis at Asheville“, a clinical intensive short term model, is $24,000/month plus a $1,000 one-time incidental fee. Out of network insurance accepted.

The program offers short-term programming and promotes stabilization benefitting individuals in early recovery and those experiencing setbacks or recurrent mental health and substance abuse challenges through an integrated system of intensive clinical services and independent living skill-building. It also serves as a foundation for recovery in a longer-term residential program. Private rooms and en-suite bathroom, dining and wellness and fitness included.

  • The residency at the “Farm in Mill Spring” is $18,500 per month for the first two months. In the third month of residency, individuals may apply for financial aid through the CooperRiis Scholarship Program.
The monthly fee covers the cost of a private room and en-suite bathroom, dining, community therapeutic services, wellness and fitness programming, and recreation. The fee does not cover the cost of psychiatry services, outside physician fees, medications, and supplements, which are billed separately, or transportation fees and personal spending money.
  • Fees for the Asheville Community Program range from $8,900 to $2,000 per month depending upon which level of transitional living support a resident needs.


Please call 844-522-1234 for “CooperRiis at Asheville”

For the Residential Program at the “Farm” or the Asheville Community Program

Please call, 828-894-7140 

Financial Aid through the CooperRiis Scholarship Program

As of the third month of residency on the Asheville or Mill Spring campus, a resident may apply for financial aid through our Scholarship Program to help cover the monthly fee. A resident’s support of financial assistance will be re-assessed every six months. Contact Admissions at 828.894.7140 or for more about our Scholarship Program and how to apply.

Insurance Reimbursement

“CooperRiis at Asheville” Program accepts in-network and out of network insurance. For the Farm program and Asheville Community program, we work with a third-party billing and utilization management company, SJ Health Insurance Advocates, to advise our residents and families on how best to secure possible reimbursement using the resident’s out-of-network insurance benefits. We encourage all residents and families to review their insurance benefits with SJ Health Insurance Advocates to see if reimbursement is possible.

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