CooperRiis proudly supports May’s Mental Health Awareness Month

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Autism/Neurodiversity at The Farm
A Supportive Healing Community

CooperRiis Healing Community’s Farm offers enhanced programming and services for people with mental health challenges and level 1 autism/neurodiversity (High Functioning Autism and/or for people formerly diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome).

This enhanced programming folds into the mission of CooperRiis and its core person-centered and strength-based treatment within a Healing Community model. CooperRiis’ integrative recovery approach, wellness practices, intensive clinical services, and building of independent living skills serve as a necessary and beneficial recovery foundation for this specialization.

Please be aware, that this is not a specific or separate program for ASD.  What this means is that we have intentionally implemented tools and techniques that help someone with neurodiversity and level 1 autism to have a better treatment experience while in our care.

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More Resources:

Read a post about the specific program enhancements by Alison Hamrick, Neurodiversity Enhancement Coordinator.

Read a post about DBT and neurodiversity by Laura Eshleman. 

Read a message from our President and CEO, Dr. Eric A. Levine Ed.D  on why he feels the “intentionality” behind these enhancements will serve this population well, and his passion behind the launch of these additional supports.

Our Approach to Autism/Neurodiversity

Skill Development & Programming Goals

CooperRiis Healing Community’s programming and additional services offered for residents with neurodiversity/autism will work towards specific goals:

  • Social skill building with opportunities to  learn/practice social engagement skills such as: making and keeping friends.
  • Skill development to manage the sensory
  • Emphasis on community involvement and development of life skills needed for successful integration into community setting.
  • Developing flexibility to switch between various demands and tasks to respond to changes in the environment.
  • Self-advocacy and self-determination skills.
  • Pre-employment skills through the Community
    Work & Service Program (CWS) such as: following direction, productivity, interpersonal
    interactions, initiation, task completion, offering feedback, etc.
  • Discharge planning that focuses on independent living with connection to a supportive community.

Clinical Curriculum

Based on “Peers for Young Adults: Social Skills Training for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Other Social Challenges” by Elizabeth Laugeson.

Techniques and tools used in group and individually to include: role-play, self-management techniques, social groups, social skills training, social stories, video-modeling, visual supports, and selected programming with content focused on these areas.

Additional tools throughout programming to include: visual and micro schedules, sensory diets, visual task lists and organization systems, labeling, etc.

What We Offer

  • Psychiatry 
  • Psychotherapy 
  • Experiential Therapy 25 hours/week 
  • Therapeutic Work Model
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Medication Management
  • Physical Wellness & Nutrition
  • Life & Social Skills Workshops
  • Aftercare Planning & Support

Part of our Integrated System of Care

An Integrated System of Care

CooperRiis offers a safe and structured environment to support an individual’s mental health recovery and healing through a combination of clinical care, purposeful work, service to the community, and holistic health and wellness practices.

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What to Expect 

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Call to speak with one of our friendly admissions team members. We will help you determine which program would be best for you or your loved one, and gather information about the potential resident. 

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