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Nolan Just

Nolan Just, BA

Farm Program Director

Nolan started at CooperRiis as a farm intern and soon transitioned to become the garden crew leader. His current position is Community Work and Service Manager (CWS). Before working at CooperRiis, Nolan worked different jobs, including managing a family restaurant in Chimney Rock, NC, leading backpacking trips for teenagers on the autism spectrum, and volunteering for Montana Conservation Corps, part Americorps.

“CooperRiis was a natural fit for me as I grew up on a family farm, and the connection to the natural world by growing food is essential; I see it as one of the most direct paths to forming relationships and good health. While working at CooperRiis, I have experienced the power of meaningful, productive work in building a fulfilling life and making connections within our community.” 

Nolan earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Relations from Brown University, RI.

Nolan loves to cook, bake bread, grow food, and hike with his wife and daughters when not at work.