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The Amazing Dr. Charles Krebs Visits CooperRiis

To say that the story of Dr. Charles Krebs’ life is unusual is an understatement. Awe-inspiring comes closer. Paralyzed, supposedly for life, in a diving accident, Dr. Krebs used his powers of visualization and his detailed knowledge of the body’s nervous system, combined with his experience with martial arts, to systematically send “ch’i” (often translated …Continue

Bridging the Divide: Shifting to Collaborations Between Traditional Psychiatry and Holistic Approaches

A wonderful New York Times article illustrates something our country has never seen. A growing push that expands the range of options for mental health treatments and improves the ways to maximize recovery. Rather than relying on diagnostic labels, overmedication and involuntary restraint, the article highlights how mental health treatment should include nonmedical, holistic recovery …Continue

CooperRiis Hosts Harvard’s Dr. Michael Rohan

On July 18th, the CooperRiis community was proud to host Dr. Michael Rohan from Harvard, who presented fascinating research about the technology his lab is developing called “Low-Field Magnetic Stimulation (LFMS).”  Using very low intensity magnetic fields, this technique uses a tiny fraction of the strength that approaches such as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) or electroconvulsive …Continue

Fanning the Flickers of Hope – The Murphy Bill

You may have heard about the so-called ‘Murphy Bill’ that Congress is considering. It helps highlight our nation’s mental health challenge. And it helps illustrate how to find solutions. Quick update: the bill is named for Pennsylvania Representative Tim Murphy, the only practicing clinical psychologist in Congress. He says on his website the legislation is …Continue

A Recovery College with the Benefits of an Asylum

  For many years, if people needed help with mental illnesses, they were sent to places called “asylums.” The word “asylum” means protection or sanctuary. In many cases, there was no specific medication for mental illnesses, but residents received “moral treatment,” according to an article by Oliver Sacks, a renowned neurologist, best-selling author and professor …Continue

CooperRiis Executive Director to Speak at a Leading N.Y. Hospital

Our executive director, Virgil Stucker, will speak at a nationally recognized behavioral health center in New York City that’s known for its pioneering clinical, teaching and research programs. Virgil’s talk June 27 will discuss how the inpatient psychiatric units at Zucker Hillside Hospital and at other Northwell units can strengthen their capacity to be a …Continue

Yoga, Exercise Help Healing

  A recent New York Times article described a new study that showed how a weekly routine of yoga and meditation may strengthen thinking skills and help fight age-related mental decline. The research focused on older adults with initial signs of memory problems, and the results are similar to other studies that show the benefits …Continue

Helping Families with Health Insurance Benefits

CooperRiis has a new partnership that will help families obtain health insurance reimbursements. We now work with SJ Health Insurance Advocates, an industry leader that works with insurance companies to help families receive their maximum health insurance benefits. Families considering CooperRiis can get free consultations from SJ Health. The company will help determine factors such …Continue

World-class Harvard neuroscientist joins CooperRiis for cutting edge research to improve how the brain functions

An award winning neuroscientist from Harvard, Carl M. Anderson, has joined our healing community. He will be our research director, and he will spearhead leading edge studies to improve the brain. Carl has co-authored more than 50 scientific papers, and his research has been featured in several top media outlets, including NPR, Time magazine and …Continue

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