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spring blossoms

Hope springs eternal; not only are we seeing it springing up on our campuses with beautiful blooms and bursting colors, but we are also seeing it on the faces of our community members. As the nation is taking some strides towards relief from the pandemic, we are all beginning to take a collective, and much-needed deep breath. We all still need to be vigilant and cautious, but hope for the future seems to be out there, and we are feeling it. 

Eric A. Levine, Ed.D
President & CEO

Professional Tours

Our tours are well underway and both of our campuses have welcomed a number of our referral sources and colleagues from around the USA. 

Thanks to Kate Walters and Matt Matone of Matone Counseling & Testing, Carson Parker of Carson Parker Consulting, Kris Brightbill of Turning Tides Transitions, Greg Hitchcock of Integrated Interventions LLC, Michael Gilpin of Making Whole, and Colleen Callahan and Samantha Davis from Benchmark for coming out to experience our Healing Communities first hand and in person!  Please reach out to Kim Nelson, National Outreach Coordinator to schedule your tour today. We are still practicing precautionary measures, therefore some restrictions will be in place. 

Streamlined Admissions Process

We are very pleased to announce that our admissions process which was altered a year ago due to the pandemic, will continue even as the world opens back up. Previously, CooperRiis offered what we called an Exploratory Visit. We received a lot of feedback over the years about this process, and in response, we made some changes to our admissions protocol.

With our new direct admission process, we’ve eliminated the two-day visit and replaced it with an in-depth virtual assessment offered by our admission team clinicians

“Mystery Night on the Farm”

The CooperRiis Farm residential staff, hosted a wonderfully fun and creative “Mystery Dinner”!

Maryana had this to share about the evening, “all attendees (staff and residents alike) dressed to the nines to attend an elite dinner party on the ‘Upper East Side of Manhattan, with a very pronounced Mr. Francis Fisk (played by Maple Lodge Advisor, Glenn). All in attendance each played a vital character in the storyline! Unfortunately, there was a blackout during the elite dinner party! Our favorite Mr. Fisk was found murdered, with the killer believed to be on the premises; we certainly did not want this getting to the media! All our guests leaped into action, searching for clues. Luckily Mr. Fisk’s cell phone was safe, and a journalist had camera footage to support the investigation! Together, guests worked to identify Mr. Fisk’s murderer, who wound up being a Mr. Zachary Wellington (played skillfully by a resident). Only three guests correctly accused Mr. Wellington, but the vast majority falsely accused another guest!

It was a rousing good time, and we were honored to be joined by our very own CEO, Eric Levine, who joined in the fun by assuming the role of an up-and-coming debutante! Upon solving this mystery, staff and residents de-roled from their characters and enjoyed a fun and light-hearted open-mic night, which is always a huge hit!”

Wow! Thank you, Maryana, and all of our talented and creative staff members who are making our resident’s “innings” during the pandemic very memorable indeed. 

Family Education Program-Virtual

Our previously ‘live and in person’ Family Education Programming took a turn to the virtual world in the Fall of 2020 in response to the pandemic. While a great success, our “FEP” team learned a good bit from this piloted program, and a new format is about to launch for our families. 

We are proud to announce that our Family Education Program will now be offered year-round to all of our campuses and continue virtually. Each month a new topic will be explored with content and materials available to our families, as well as a live session facilitated by our clinicians that our families can participate in. Some of the topics include: Family Systems, Understanding Emotional Health Conditions, Strengthening Communications Skills, Navigating Times of Crisis, and a CooperRiis Community favorite, a live session with our founders, Don and Lisbeth Riis-Cooper. Additionally, our families will have the ability to continue to engage with the FEP offerings even if their loved ones have moved on from CooperRiis to take the next step in their recovery journey. Reach out to to learn more about this exciting new development for our families. 

With four levels of care in our Full Continuum, residents can enter our program by way of two residential options; CooperRiis at Asheville, or The Farm at CooperRiis

​​​​​​For the CooperRiis at Asheville program, please contact
or call 844-522-1234 to speak to our Asheville Admissions Team. Download the flyer here

For the Farm at CooperRiis program, please contact or call 828-771-9001 to speak to our Admissions Team. Download the flyer here

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