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Dual disorder treatment

A recent New York Times article described a new study that showed how a weekly routine of yoga and meditation may strengthen thinking skills and help fight age-related mental decline.

The research focused on older adults with initial signs of memory problems, and the results are similar to other studies that show the benefits of combining physical activity with meditation. The same New York Times author, for instance, wrote a previous story about how people with depression who meditated before they ran can change their brains in ways that are beneficial for mental health.

The new yoga study now shows that exercise does not need to be as rigorous as running for it to benefit your brain. It also illustrates a key philosophy of our treatment program.

We focus on the whole person, and instead of treating illness, CooperRiis is built on wellness.

Our Integrative Wellness Team works with each resident to create and implement a personalized wellness plan.

That typically includes an emphasis on exercise, nutrition, mindfulness and tobacco cessation. We have yoga classes, workouts with trainers and ways to maintain a healthy weight. Current research into the origins of mental health conditions underscore how this approach has tremendous benefits.

It’s one more way CooperRiis helps residents and their families get beyond helplessness and blame to a positive place of hope, support and transformation.

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