Partial Hospitalization Program: Now accepting applications
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We are pleased to announce our plan to bring new residents into our Healing Community. 

Earlier this month CooperRiis paused the admission of new residents to our programs in response to the COVID-19 crisis. As one could imagine this was a difficult decision, unprecedented in our 17 years of care and community. While continuing the effort to keep our current community as safe as we possibly can, we also acknowledge the need to offer treatment to those who are struggling during this difficult time. In order to do this, we are modifying our admissions process to include a 14-day quarantine.

The CDC and the WHO recommend this “traveler’s quarantine” as best practice. With an incubation period of 5 days from exposure, and a 97-99% rate of symptoms presenting within 11-14 days of exposure, the 14-day quarantine is the most accurate tool we have in order to mitigate risk of exposure. 

CooperRiis has developed two options to offer our families and referral sources who are interested in joining our Healing Communities.

CooperRiis is proud to offer on-campus quarantine options for each of our locations in Mill Spring and Asheville. Virtual recovery-based services will be offered such as a modified orientation, group activities and check-ins. The new resident will virtually meet with their counselor, recovery coordinator, nursing staff, nutritionist, personal trainer, residential staff and psychiatrist. While experiencing our on-campus quarantine, a structured virtual schedule as well as in-person staff visits will keep the days moving along quickly. Crisis support will be available during this quarantine period and all meals will be provided. 

As a second option, we are proud to announce a new and unique partnership with AdventHealth Hendersonville. 

They will be available to offer their Behavioral Health Services virtually to individuals seeking admission to CooperRiis and self-isolating at a hotel near their hospital with a loved one or support person. During a 14-day quarantine, AdventHealth’s clinical team will be available to offer a variety of behavioral health services through a secure virtual platform. This team may include social workers, wellness coordinators, a psychiatrist and a psychologist. They will engage in structured outpatient services that will include counseling, medication management, groups and wellness checks. CooperRiis will also collaborate throughout the quarantine period. Crisis support will be available through their local mobile crisis team during this quarantine period and all meals will be provided. 

For both options, applicants will have met the criteria for a direct admission through CooperRiis’ Admissions Team and our Clinical Director’s review. We will not be using our traditional Exploritory Visit (EV) admissions process until further notice.

Please reach out to our Admissions Team for more information about this new protocol at 828-899-4673, or you can email us at

In these difficult times staff, residents, professionals, colleagues, friends, and families need to come together as a community. With community, care and compassion we will get through this.

Please schedule a time to connect with me here if you like.

Sending Elbow Bumps and Sunflowers,
Kimberly Nelson

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