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Rainbow over the farm

by Alison Hamrick, Autism Program Coordinator

Alison Hamrick
Merriam-Webster defines enhancement as an increase or improvement in quality, value, desirability, or attractiveness.  Since 2003, CooperRiis has been successfully supporting individuals on their journey to mental wellness.  Beginning this September, we will offer a new program enhancement to our continuum of care in order to better serve individuals with Autism. While these improvements will allow us to better serve the neurodiverse community, they will also strengthen our program for all participants.

Examples of enhancements

Features such as micro scheduling, visual supports, concrete language usage, and the integration of sensory diets, to name just a few, will all serve to support residents’ involvement and recovery on our 94-acre farm campus.

  • Micro-scheduling is scheduling tiny increments, often 10 to 15-minute chunks. 
  • Visual supports provide structure and routine, encourage independence, improve understanding, and alleviate frustration and anxiety.  
  • A sensory diet can help with sensory processing by giving an individual an alternative activity when needed, can increase their sensory understanding and body awareness, and help them organize input.
  • It’s also a way to help individuals with sensory processing issues bring order to their overstimulated or understimulated sensory systems. This will, in turn, help them regulate their responses.
  • A sensory diet may include listening to calming music, walking, bouncing on a therapy ball, or spinning in a chair.

Executive Functioning

Many people with Autism struggle with executive functioning. Our enhanced programming includes supporting new and current residents with their ability to plan, organize and manage complex tasks. We will help individuals develop and apply problem-solving skills as circumstances call for them. The current approach to recovery and treatment on the farm is a perfect place to put these skills into practice.  

Contact us

Contact our admissions team today if you or a loved one would benefit from this enhanced recovery model.

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