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Pat Dockendorf works at the Farm and has been a part of CooperRiis for many years.  CEO & President, Eric Levine and Pat spent some time together recently talking about the importance of the family program among other things. Eric came to learn that Pat is a trailblazer in his chosen field of special education. Eric pieced together Pat’s history and had this to share, “way back in the 60’s, Pat and a group of people saw the need to start a school for kids with serious emotional disturbance. (We dropped serious and now use people first language and say children with emotional and behavioral disorders). She worked for Sheppard Pratt Hospital, one of this nations oldest and most respected behavioral health systems. The school became known as the Forbush School (named for Byron Forbush, a trailblazer for Sheppard Pratt back in the day) and was one of the first schools of its type in the Baltimore area. They did great work and Pat played a fundamentally important part (my words not hers) in its beginnings.”

Fast Forward:

Eric continued, “fast forward almost fifty years and you will see that the Forbush school has locations all over Maryland.  The school is now the largest provider of private special education services in the state. The model has been replicated all over the country. This struck me personally because one stop along the way for me was serving as principal/ed director for The Jefferson School, an RTC for kids with EBD; a program of Sheppard Pratt. I am proud to know Pat and respect all that she has done in the many places she has been and am thankful for her work here at CooperRiis.”

Thank you Pat!

We are all thankful for the work Pat has done here at CooperRiis over the years. We are also very proud of her trailblazing efforts for students and special education. Pat also happens to be an amazing swimmer and swim teacher! Read here to find out more…and here to find out even more!

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