Now in-network with Aetna, Cigna & Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC at two locations.

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Last week we proudly shared the exciting announcement of our new program opening on September 1, 2020,  “CooperRiis at Asheville.” Since then we have received a lot of inquiries, support, and questions about our plan. We are thrilled with the response and enthusiasm of our callers and we would like to share with you some of the questions we have been receiving.

Will CoooperRiis accept insurance?

Yes. We will be working with people who have out-of-network benefits; as long as the out-of-network benefits include mental health residential treatment. We will not be In-Network with any one insurance company.

How will the CooperRiis at Asheville program be different than The Farm?

The CooperRiis at Asheville program will continue with our mission as a primary mental health facility, we are preparing to work with people with a higher level of acuity. The CooperRiis at Asheville model is designed to provide a more intensely structured clinical experience whose focus is on stabilization and taking the steps necessary to begin the recovery process.  We will continue to offer treatment for people who struggle with anxiety, major depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, personality disorders, dual diagnosis, and any co-occurring condition. 

Where exactly is the campus?

CooperRiis at Asheville is located in our beautiful mid-century building located at 85 Zilicoa Street (“85Z”) in the historic Montford area of downtown Asheville.

What about the Virtual College Program at CooperRiis?

The “Virtual College Program at CooperRiis” will be offered to residents at The Farm and at our Asheville Community Program.


As we work hard to open on September 1, 2020 please reach out to our Admissions Team at 828-771-9001, or our National Outreach Coordinator, Kim Nelson at 828-894-7315. Thank you for your continued excitement and enthusiasm about the CooperRiis at Asheville program. We will keep you updated as we move forward. Thank you,
Eric A. Levine, Ed.D.
President & CEO, CooperRiis Healing Community

Please reach out to Kim to stay connected on these exciting new developments with the CooperRiis at Asheville program. If you’d like to book a time to have a chat, click here, or if you have interest in scheduling a virtual tour click here.

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