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farm lodges in spring

Our last professional tour was exactly one year ago today! What a year it has been!

We have been following CDC guidance since the beginning of the pandemic and formed The “CooperRiis COVID Task Force”, a group of select staff that meet weekly to go over every question, issue, and decision that is made regarding the pandemic and the safety of our community. As a team and through the guidance of the CDC regarding vaccinated people and how to begin to safely interact again, this is our new professional tour protocol:

All tour guests on campus must be masked, temperature checked, hands sanitized, and in a group of no more than three. All tours will be facilitated by a tour guide who has been fully vaccinated.

For tour guests who are willing to share with us proof of having been fully vaccinated, we can offer an “unrestricted tour” of either (or both) of our residential campuses, whereby entering buildings for brief times will be allowed. Tour guests will stay 6 feet apart from any staff they encounter indoors and will not be near larger groups of staff or residents. Tour guests will not be near any person for more than 15 minutes when indoors. 

For tour guests who have not been fully vaccinated and are unwilling to provide vaccination information, a “restricted tour” will be offered and only be offered on the Farm campus. It will be an outdoor tour only. 

If you would like to schedule a professional tour, please reach out to Kim Nelson at

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