CooperRiis proudly supports May’s Mental Health Awareness Month

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CooperRiis has a new partnership that will help families obtain health insurance reimbursements.

We now work with SJ Health Insurance Advocates, an industry leader that works with insurance companies to help families receive their maximum health insurance benefits.

Families considering CooperRiis can get free consultations from SJ Health. The company will help determine factors such as whether families have coverage for residential treatment, if that includes out-of-network providers and, if so, what the deductibles would cost.

That consultation provides quick answers about finances to help families make the best decisions.

Afterward, SJ Health assigns each family a dedicated team of advocates with a large breadth of experience in health insurance. The teams work with insurance companies on behalf of families to get more approvals for residential treatment that happen more frequently in less time and that result in more coverage.

Families will now have more information about their insurance plans and how to obtain health insurance reimbursement for their payments made to CooperRiis for its services.

To contact SJ Health Insurance Advocates, please call (973)740-0023 or visit

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