Recovery Bracelets

At CooperRiis we like to celebrate the success of our community members whenever we have the opportunity. Each week we host a “Community Meeting” where all residents and staff are encouraged to attend. At this meeting, we go over announcements, focus on our community agreements, and celebrate achievements for our residents.

Over the years we have added new and creative ways to recognize our resident’s successes. In the last couple of years, we have developed our “Rainbow on the Wrist Program,” where we award colorful bracelets that represent various areas of recovery which we focus on in our treatment. This has become hugely popular with our residents, and our staff is thrilled to tout the success of our residents.

Many of our residents wear them proudly on their wrists, but some have developed a new form of displaying them; they are wrapping them on their CooperRiis water bottles! Every new resident is gifted a CooperRiis Nalgene bottle to encourage staying properly hydrated when they join our Healing Community. We are not sure who the first resident was that started this tradition, but it has been “game on” for some months now. The goal is to earn as many as possible to cover their bottles from top to bottom. The residents are loving them and they are treating it like a competition.

In the picture above, you can see how successful one past resident was at earning all of the bracelets, sometimes earning duplicates. This picture was taken one month after they were discharged, and they shared with us how meaningful they are to them. This alumnus shared that the bracelets continue to inspire them as a testament to their recovery, and their continued recovery journey.

We hope this alum, and all others who take their bracelets with them (wrist or bottle bound) feel our Healing Community wrapping around them and supporting them as they continue their own recovery journey. 

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