Partial Hospitalization Program: Now accepting applications
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These past weeks have been a difficult time for all of us. Organizations and individuals worldwide are declaring their support for peaceful protests and marking this moment as an important opportunity to turn words into action. CooperRiis believes in equity, empathy, diversity, inclusion, and kindness. We stand with the Black Lives Matters movement and feel the time is now to make lasting change in our communities so that it is safe to be a Person of Color in America. 

These tenets of inclusion are woven into the fabric of our recovery approach, which serves as the belief system of who we are as a healing community. Groups, activities, book clubs, and other events devoted to exploring residents and staff feelings about racial disparities are happening within our communities. We are restructuring the CooperRiis’ Equity & Diversity Work Group, and we plan to outline a series of conversations and trainings designed to maintain the momentum that has developed. We want it to be clear that we stand in solidarity with this movement. 

Thank you all for your continuing Support for CooperRiis.

Eric A. Levine, Ed.D.
President & CEO, CooperRiis Healing Community

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