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Jeremiah on his bike at CooperRiis

“At the start of my sophomore year, I felt off. I struggled to get myself to class and attend activities that I once found joy in. My depression, anxiety and paranoia had begun to take over my life. I stopped going to class and struggled to leave my apartment. My symptoms became worse, so I withdrew from college.”

This is Jeremiah’s story. He sought treatment and learned that rhythmic exercise was a crucial aspect of his recovery, giving him a new direction in life and leading to his work as a Senior Recovery Coach at CooperRiis.

Jeremiah’s participation in The Tour Divide, a 2,745 self-paced bicycle race from Banff, Canada, to Antelope Wells, New Mexico, is the inspiration behind his Ride Above Mental Illness fundraising campaign to break mental health stigma and raise funds for CooperRiis.

“Now it’s time to give back, and hopefully inspire others to follow my journey and plan their own wellness activity on behalf of CooperRiis. I love the act of giving. It fills my soul with purpose and joy. I chose CooperRiis as my fundraising recipient for several reasons. Firstly, I work at CooperRiis and get to see the power of recovery unfolding there every day. The residents I work with are challenged to dig deep and tap into uncomfortable places that their bodies and minds have often shielded them from. Secondly, The Tour Divide course will require me to be very mindful and intentional and to look after myself in the ways that CooperRiis’s seven recovery domains ask of our residents.”

Jeremiah Reiner

Supporters can donate to Jeremiah’s ride per mile or be inspired to start their fundraiser. You can walk, bike, swim or run to help break the stigma of mental illness.

Please join us on this inspiring health and wellness journey as we work together to overcome challenges and spread awareness of mental health recovery!

Support Jeremiah and the Ride Above Mental Illness here.

See a short video featuring Jeremiah and his bike ride on Fox Carolina.

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