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Laurie Rovin in greenhouse

Checking in with our Chief Development Officer

​​​​​We wanted to check in with Chief Development Officer Laurie Rovin, as she has been in her role now for six months. Laurie began her career 40 years ago as a mental health clinician, but she quickly grew into varying roles of leadership. A former CEO, Laurie retired in 2019, but came out of retirement to assist CooperRiis in our fundraising efforts. Laurie’s passion for CooperRiis began with her own family’s challenges; specifically, the challenge to find the right treatment for a loved one with a mental health diagnosis. 

We wanted to know a bit more about Laurie and she had this to share with us: “Some of my favorite self-care activities are the simplest things. I enjoy hiking, playing with my dog and being with family. A little-known fact about me is that my favorite job in the for-profit sector was being a Good Humor Ice Cream Truck Driver! I reside in Greenville, SC and have two married children and one very old puppy, Rally – age 14.”

Laurie with her puppy

Here is a fun fact, Laurie grew up in Maryland near Eric Levine, CooperRiis’ CEO & President! They are just one year apart in age and attended rival high schools. We won’t say who is older, or who had the better sports teams. Since joining CooperRiis, we have seen great passion in Laurie’s outreach to our supporters. Laurie believes a nonprofit sustains throughout the years through development of positive relationships and communications. Laurie adds, “I’m excited to get to know the many, many philanthropic folks of CooperRiis, and I am equally charged to hear from Alumni. There is nothing more gratifying than hearing a parent tell me, ‘I have my child back.'”

We are excited to see Laurie continue this good work in connecting to our Alumni and supporters and we look forward to seeing this part of our programming grow. If you are a CooperRiis Alumni and would like to reconnect with us, please reach out today.

Kim Nelson

Thanks for checking in with us!
Elbow bumps – 
Kim Nelson
National Outreach Coordinator

With four levels of care in our Full Continuum, residents can enter our program by way of two residential options, CooperRiis at Asheville, or The Farm at CooperRiis

​​​​​​For the CooperRiis at Asheville program, please contact
or call 844-522-1234 to speak to our Asheville Admissions Team. Download the flyer here

For the Farm at CooperRiis program, please contact or call 828-899-4673 to speak to our Admissions Team. Download the flyer here

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