Mental Health Treatment in a Community Setting

Our approach to clinical care is grounded in a supportive community with traditional psychotherapy and group therapies, along with optimized medication use and education to guide residents toward personal long-term care management. CooperRiis’ commitment to science-backed clinical care is combined with our Community Work & Service and Integrative Wellness Program to offer a unique recovery model built on our philosophy of mind and heart working together. For adults living with anxiety disordersbipolar disorderdual diagnosismajor depressive disorderpersonality disordersPTSD, and schizophrenia, CooperRiis offers a personalized path to reach mental wellness.

Resident’s Integrative Recovery Team

Each resident is welcomed by a caring Integrative Recovery Team who will support the resident and family throughout their recovery journey at CooperRiis. The team is led by a clinical director and includes the resident’s therapist, psychiatrist, recovery coordinator, community work and service program leaders, residential staff, and wellness staff. This connected and caring partnership helps empower the resident to take ownership of their own recovery.

As a first step at CooperRiis, a resident meets with their recovery coordinator to craft a personal Dream Statement, laying out hopes and dreams for the future. Throughout the recovery process, the Dream Statement serves as a roadmap to working toward valued life goals.

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Individual & Group Therapies

Each resident is paired with a licensed therapist and meets formally for psychotherapy sessions at least once a week. These focused sessions may occur in an office or out in nature, enjoying the CooperRiis campus as a healing backdrop.

With the guidance of their Integrative Recovery Team, residents also engage in group therapy sessions, both general and specialized. Because so many of our residents have struggled with addiction, CooperRiis also offers substance abuse support and risk assessment in individual and group therapy sessions.


At CooperRiis, we believe in optimized medication use and education to guide residents toward personal long-term care management. It’s part of a personalized and comprehensive recovery roadmap. Combined with individual and group therapy, Community Work & Service, and Integrative Wellness Program, medicine can be lifesaving as well as life-supporting. We work with residents, so they understand medication’s role in the overall care and recovery process.

A resident’s medications are reviewed upon admission and then regularly evaluated by a CooperRiis psychiatrist. To support self-monitoring and participation in treatment, residents receive written and verbal education and guidance on all medications.

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Specialized Therapies

At CooperRiis, specialized therapies include:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • A solutions-oriented form of talk therapy that helps individuals challenge negative and distorted thinking and change destructive emotions and patterns of behaviors. CBT is the root modality at CooperRiis.
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • A form of cognitive behavioral therapy that treats individuals who have difficulty regulating emotions and behaviors
Wellness Recovery Action Plan® or WRAP®
  • An evidenced-based prevention and wellness tool that helps residents get well and stay well
Dual Diagnosis Anonymous (DDA)
  • A self-help program based on the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous for individuals with both addictions and mental health challenges. Residents confronting addiction also have the option to attend Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings on campus.