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A Whole-Person Approach to Recovery

At CooperRiis, we recognize the vital connection between a healthy body and a healthy mind. Our Integrative Wellness Program supports an individual’s mental health recovery through optimal nutrition, fitness goal-setting and mindfulness practices. Over time, these experiences help inspire and guide residents to better self-awareness and care for lifelong wellbeing. With the guidance of our Integrative Wellness Team, a resident creates and implements a personalized plan for healthy living, improved fitness, and weight maintenance that tracks progress throughout their stay.

Nutrition and Healthy Eating

At CooperRiis, we believe that optimal nutrition can heal and nourish the body and mind. Our menus, created in collaboration with the Integrative Health Director, feature fresh, whole, and, whenever possible, local and organically grown food. Much of the produce we serve is grown in our gardens, tended to as part of our Community Work & Service program.

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woman on exercise bike and woman on treadmill

Fitness and Relaxation

Exercise and stress reduction play essential roles in the mental health recovery of our residents at CooperRiis. In partnership with our Wellness Coordinator, each resident creates a personalized plan for improved fitness and maintaining a healthy weight, setting goals, and tracking progress during weekly training sessions. Additionally, residents learn mindfulness and relaxation practices through meditation, yoga, drumming, and massage.

Supports for Smoking Cessation

CooperRiis is committed to tobacco education and cessation for our residents. Although we do not currently prohibit smoking by residents on our campuses, smoking areas and opportunities are minimized, and all smokers are expected to attend a weekly tobacco education group.

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