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Whole-person, Integrative approach to Recovery

Our whole-person, integrative approach to recovery includes special attention to nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and tobacco cessation. Current research into the origins of mental illness has helped us to understand the tremendous benefits of these integrative interventions. Our Integrative Wellness Team works with each resident to create and implement a personalized wellness plan.


CooperRiis was founded in the belief that optimal nutrition can heal and nourish both body and mind. Nutritional Mental Health is an emerging field that links the foods we eat with positive brain function and emotional health. Under the guidance of our Integrative Health Directors, all meals at CooperRiis are prepared using fresh, whole and, whenever possible, local and organically grown foods. Our chefs do not use highly processed foods and minimize the use of sugar and caffeine.

CooperRiis-wellness2Tobacco Cessation

CooperRiis is committed to tobacco education and cessation for our residents. Tobacco use is the number one killer among adults with mental health challenges. Although we do not currently prohibit smoking on campus by residents, smoking areas and opportunities are minimized and all smokers are expected to attend a weekly tobacco education group. We are moving in the direction of becoming a tobacco free campus by encouraging all residents to quit.

CooperRiis-wellness3Maintaining Healthy Weight

Medications can often lead to disturbances in blood sugar regulation and cause weight gain, which leads to metabolic syndrome and the development of type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease. CooperRiis seeks optimal health not just mental health. We work to decrease risk factors by teaching mindfulness practices, serving nutritious balanced meals, and encouraging regular exercise.  All are important to maintaining a healthy weight, reducing harmful metabolic processes and reducing stress, anxiety and depression.

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