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What does Community Work and Service entail?

One of the most vital features of the CooperRiis approach is our community work and service program. Our residents spend 20 hours a week working at a task that is vital to the community…awakening each morning to a world that needs their contribution, a world designed to awaken their dreams and aspirations.

We developed this program because we know that social engagement heals. We know that being part of a community heals. And we know that healing does not happen in isolation. While it may sound almost magical, this basic, common-sense approach is backed up by science and research.

Residents at each of our campuses can explore a variety of experiences working with one of our many teams. As a team member, residents serve a critical function within the day-to-day functioning of community. Some of the tasks performed by our teams include cooking, raising crops, gardening, caring for animals, flower arranging, soap-making, drum building, carpentry, volunteer work and much more.

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