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Fanning the Flickers of Hope – The Murphy Bill

You may have heard about the so-called ‘Murphy Bill’ that Congress is considering. It helps highlight our nation’s mental health challenge. And it helps illustrate how to find solutions. Quick update: the bill is named for Pennsylvania Representative Tim Murphy, the only practicing clinical psychologist in Congress. He says on his website the legislation is …Continue

Helping Families with Health Insurance Benefits

CooperRiis has a new partnership that will help families obtain health insurance reimbursements. We now work with SJ Health Insurance Advocates, an industry leader that works with insurance companies to help families receive their maximum health insurance benefits. Families considering CooperRiis can get free consultations from SJ Health. The company will help determine factors such …Continue

CooperRiis sponsors the 12th annual Power of the Purse

CooperRiis prides itself on building a community of philanthropy. We also pride ourselves on the philanthropy we do in other parts of our community. On Tuesday, the first African-American female astronaut, Mae Jemison, will speak in Asheville at the 12th Annual Power of the Purse luncheon. CooperRiis Healing Community, thanks to our co-founder, Lisbeth Riis Cooper is …Continue

Finding common ground: Virgil Stucker writes, “It is time to build bridges across the divisions we have created. It is time to focus on finding solutions rather than fighting. Caring community can be all around us”.

Today we are re-sharing a post that Executive Director, Virgil Stucker wrote for Pete Earley’s Blog in response to a discussion that was taking place on the internet around the topic of use of anti-psychotic medications.  The original blog post that started the ball rolling can be found here.  The response from Bob Whitaker to that blog …Continue

Volunteer Jen Padron reports: Milt Greek visits CooperRiis, hosts an inspiring training and workshop.

“After becoming a computer programmer in 1989 following developing schizophrenia during college, Milt Greek volunteered extensively with individuals in psychosis and post-psychosis. He led a schizophrenic early recovery group and has conducted subject-participation studies and surveys on psychosis. He began presenting on schizophrenia and recovery in the late 1990s and has delivered talks to mental …Continue

In a letter to President Barack Obama: “I believe it is time to stomp out the old thoughts of mental health care. It is time we stop drugging mere symptoms and focus on the actual condition. Many Americans can live happy, productive lives with a mental health condition if they receive quality treatment”… read on!

With joy and pride, we share with you a letter, dated January 17th, 2013, to President Barack Obama, penned by one of our talented and eloquent residents – someone who is a champion for advocating for quality treatment for those with mental health challenges: January 17, 2013 Dear President Obama, First, I’d like to say …Continue

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