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COVID-19 and Admissions

Admission to CooperRiis does not require a negative Coronavirus test prior to or upon arrival. However, we ask that newly arriving residents do not come to campus if they, or anyone in their party, are experiencing any COVID-like symptoms, or if they have tested positive on the date the resident is scheduled to arrive. 

Upon arrival we will ask a new resident if they have had a known exposure in the last three days, or if they are experiencing any COVID-like symptoms. If the answer is yes to one or both of these questions, we will offer a rapid COVID test. 

If the test is negative, we can proceed as we normally do when welcoming a new resident into our community. However, if the test is positive the new resident will have the option of either quarantining on campus in their room, or deferring their admission to quarantine elsewhere until they can test negative. 

For those fully vaccinated: we may ask for the vaccination card for documentation purposes only. 

For those not fully vaccinated: it is not a requirement to be vaccinated to be considered for admission into our programs.  

CooperRiis staff stand in a defiant pose all wearing masks
A group of senior staff wearing masks at Asheville Campus
CooperRiis at Asheville Senior Staff
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Wearing masks while working indoors.
Safety Measures:

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced all of us to change the way we interact with one another and navigate our lives. This experience will be unforgettable and make a permanent impression on our minds, especially the younger generation.

CooperRiis has been following the CDC, which state and local health department guidance, since early March 2020 and following the advice of an international group of infectious disease physicians. We have leaned towards a conservative response that has evolved as the community spread made its way to Western North Carolina and as guidelines from the CDC and the state have changed.

  • Our admissions protocol includes a rapid COVID-19 if the arriving resident is experiencing COVID-like symptoms, and or had a known exposure to someone who tested positive for the Coronavirus within three day of their arrival.
  • Staff must wear masks and check in with our nursing department before coming to work if they have any of the CDC-identified symptoms of the Coronavirus.
  • When COVID-19 cases are present in our community, staff and residents that are contact traced to the known exposure are encouraged to wear masks, and testing will be available to them but not required.
  • We no longer have a quarantine or shelter-in-place protocol for current residents unless they test positive for Coronavirus.
  • We offer updates to our families that are publicly available on our blog and in our newsletter.

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What to Expect 

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