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The CooperRiis Recovery Coordinators (RC) work closely with residents individually, and with their family or chosen family, as well as leading the resident’s integrated recovery team.  The RC’s encourage residents to clarify their dreams and goals, and work to break those goals down into achievable steps. In doing so, they communicate with the whole team including the family, or other external support systems, so that we are all on the same page in how we can support a resident in reaching their dream and goals.  The RC also supports a resident in having healthier individualized communication with their family members to support the family in learning more about their loved one, including how they can best be supported, what their mental health condition might mean, and how to communicate more effectively. Lastly, RC’s guide the resident and family when it comes time for transition to the CooperRiis Community Program in either Asheville or the Foothills; or to discharge.


Lautren Kaufmann, MA, LPC
Senior Recovery Coordinator
Amy Lee, MSW
Recovery Coordinator
Colette Featherston, MSW
Recovery Coordinator
Open Position
Recovery Coordinator
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