Welcome to the Healing Community of CooperRiis.


Curly welcomes guestsWe derive joy and fulfillment by helping to ignite hope and desire in individuals whose lives have been impeded by mental illness or emotional distress.

CooperRiis is a wonderful place that affirms and builds on strength and rekindles imagination and dreams. It is a place of peace, where our residents may rediscover their capacities for creativity, wholeness and relationship.

Whether you are:

  • a potential resident, family member or mental health professional
  • a potential staff member or volunteer
  • a donor interested in supporting our work

We invite you to connect with us. You can learn more about us from this web site, talk to us by telephone (toll free 800-957-5155), email us at info@CooperRiis.org or plan to visit us at CooperRiis.

We welcome your interest and questions.

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