To promote lasting mental health recovery, we engage a caring team of psychiatrists, licensed therapists, recovery coaches, and master’s degree professionals. The integrative recovery team in Asheville meets regularly to collaborate, communicate, and ensure excellence in whole-person care.

Amy Zimmerman
Amy Zimmerman, DO
Integrative Psychiatrist
johnnie featherston
Johnnie Featherston, MA, LPC
Recovery Program Director, CooperRiis at Asheville
Rose Ferron
Rose Ferron, MSW, LCSW, LCAS
Assistant Clinical Director
Christina Jacob
Christina Jacob, MSW, LCSW
Integrative Therapist
Rhiannon Burk
Rhiannon Burk, MA, LCMHC
Integrative Therapist
Martha Bader
Martha Bader, MSW, LCSW
Integrative Therapist
Dana LaRue
Dana LaRue, MSW, LCSWA
Clinical Therapist
Bryan Michalowski, MSW, LCSWA
Team Therapist
Mariah Schweiger
Mariah Schweiger, MSW, LCSWA
Team Therapist
Samantha Rivkin, LCMHC-A
Team Therapist
Marjorie Sanford
Marjorie Sanford, RN
Assistant Nurse Manager
Danielle Eavenson
Danielle Eavenson, BA, BS
Integrative Health Specialist
Olivia Johnston
Olivia Johnston, RN
Caleb Warner
Caleb Warner, RN, BSN
Ren Carmichael
Ren Carmichael, BS
Medical Assistant
Germaine Williamson, RN
April Lewis
April Lewis, BA
Admissions Recovery Coach
Lena Lane
Lena Lane
Massage Therapist