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What is a Healing Community?

The healing community concept is a simple one: to create a safe, purposeful environment where activity is thoughtfully planned to support an individual’s mental health recovery and healing. Healing communities empower residents to take ownership of their recovery with the goal of achieving a healthy and lasting re-integration into society and again living a purposeful life. The CooperRiis Healing Community was founded by a couple with a family member who had a mental health challenge. It has since earned a national reputation for fostering a supportive, social environment that provides the clinical programs and positive conditions necessary for recovery.

Within our therapeutic community, each staff member pledges to behave in a manner that fosters and values:

  • A culture of emotional and physical safety taking you from mental illness to mental wellness
  • A personal life of recovery, hope and purpose
  • An atmosphere of kindness, respect, and open and authentic communication
  • Each person’s ideas, input, service and contribution to the work and social life of the community
  • Interactions that create a feeling of being at-home and at-ease in the special environment of CooperRiis
  • Quality relationships based on genuine empathy and mutual respect

Our Philosophy: Mind and Heart Working Together

Simply put, we believe that whole person care, delivered in a community setting is the most powerful and effective way to address challenging mental health issues. In our healing community, we embrace a holistic approach to recovery that emphasizes three specific and often interrelated areas of focus:

  • Community Work & Service
  • Clinical Support
  • Wellness

These are the key building blocks we believe are essential to lasting recovery.

Within these three categories, we offer nutrition, exercise, peer support, individual therapy and group therapy interventions. Optimized medication usage is also often a necessary component, and may be combined with micro-nutrients, supplements and neuro-enhancement modalities.

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Cooper-Riis-Holding-RabbitWhat is your dream?

Our healing community was founded on the idea that helping our residents and their loved ones regain their hopes, dreams, sense of purpose and self-worth was a critical component for lasting success. That’s why, upon arrival, each resident is asked, “What is your dream?” and we strive to help them re-awaken aspirations and take pride in the very real contributions they make throughout their stay and beyond.



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