Partial Hospitalization Program: Now accepting applications

Our Community Work & Service Program is rooted in the healing power of social engagement and being a part of a community. Working on crews alongside their peers and a leader from the staff, residents dedicate 15-20 hours a week to purposeful work, contributing to daily life at CooperRiis. For some, it’s the first time being part of a team where others depend on them. This experience offers an opportunity for our residents to be a part of something bigger than themselves, enjoy how meaningful it can be to give back.

COVID-19 has affected many aspects of our program; our CWS Crews continue to actively engage in animal care, gardening, greenhouse horticulture, cooking, creative activities, or woodworking.

Markus Wullimann
Markus Wullimann, HTR
Community Work and Service Garden Crew Leader
colin wagner
Colin Wagner
Community Work and Service Woodshop Crew Leader
Emily Moyer
Emily Moyer, BS
Community Work and Service Animal Crew Leader
Ines Wullimann
Ines Wullimann
Campus Crew Leader
Tyler Wellmon
Tyler Wellmon
Garden Crew Leader