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A dedicated team of community work and service staff offer residents meaningful work opportunities to promote valuable life skills. Residents work alongside other residents and staff for 15-20 hours per week, participating in teams that engage in animal care, gardening, greenhouse horticulture, cooking, creative activities or woodworking.

Nolan Just
Community Work and Service Coordinator
Emily Moyer, BS
Animal Crew Leader
Colin Wagner
Woodshop Manager
Ines Wullimann
Community Work and Service Leader
Markus Wullimann
Garden Crew Leader

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Theresa Graham
Weekend Animal Crew Leader
Tom Horne
Farm Support
Joshua Goldstein
Executive Chef
Jonathan Miller
Sous Chef
Jonathan Sparks
Sous Chef
Tim Nodine
Sous Chef
Scott Dennison
Breakfast Chef
Pamela McDougald
Pamela Mcdougald
Sous Chef and Baker
Kim Cox
Kitchen Support
Skylar Searcy
Skylar Searcy
Kitchen Support
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