CooperRiis Family Education Program


The CooperRiis Family Education Program was developed in response to consistent requests from families to receive more education as well as from research findings, which indicate that the long-term efficacy of our programming could be significantly enhanced by providing this service. The Family Education process greatly improves communication, collaboration, and cohesion between resident and their family members.

The mission of CooperRiis's Family Education Curriculum is to provide a mutual education process that can be applied to each individual and their family, in order to create a more powerful recovery partnership between family members and residents.

Residents and their family members partner with CooperRiis Recovery Coordinators and Therapists as they jointly explore and experience the highly interactive Family Education Program curriculum. Currently this curriculum is offered in person as the last two days of the four day CooperRiis Family Education Weekends that are held twice a year at each campus (Mill Spring, NC & Asheville, NC) to current CooperRiis residents and up to two of their family members when they are clinically ready and wanting to participate as a family unit.

Topics covered in the curriculum include:

  • Understanding Emotional Health Conditions
  • Strengthening Communication Skills
  • Common Reactions to Emotional Health Conditions for Both Residents & Family Members
  • Definitions of Family
  • Problem Solving: Strengthening Skills for New Solutions
  • Support in Times of Crisis

Additionally there are monthly conference calls for family members only focusing on specific recovery topics. Please contact Lisa Murphy for further information.

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