Relationship-Centered Care


feeding the chickensWithin the CooperRiis Healing Community, we practice relationship-centered care -- an approach that places relationship at the core of the therapeutic and recovery process. What this means is that all interactions—wherever and whatever the moment, however routine or special—are based upon a fundamental commitment to mutual respect, self-awareness, humility, openness, and caring.

As a result, our community functions as a positive, affirming force with the goal of moving residents from being "stuck" and disengaged, toward a more active, fulfilling, and hopeful life.

  • CooperRiis Healing Community: a Path of Opportunities
  • Psychotherapies
  • Medication Optimization: Click here to view a PDF file of "The Medication Optimization Statement"
  • Addictions Counseling
  • Community Work & Service Training
  • Recreational, Cultural, and Artistic Experiences
  • Nutritional and Physical Exercise Coaching
  • Smoking Cessation Guidance
  • Complimentary modalities such as massage therapy and acupuncture

The residents' choices and goals are guided by a holistic/whole person approach. We help each resident create an Overall Recovery Plan that addresses the physical and mental challenges of life, while coaching the resident's creation of a "Dream Statement." The Dream Statement becomes the resident's 'road map' for the Core Goals and Objectives they wish to achieve. Click here to view a PDF file of "The Turning Point... Avoiding the Abyss"

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