Experience-based living

Mind and Heart Working Together


Working and living together as a functioning community

Holistic approach that honors the whole person during their recovery

Oriented towards relationship as the core of the recovery process

Life with a renewed sense of purpose

Energizing heart and mind via appreciation and empowerment.


Playing musicIn our daily work and living routines, we have incorporated yoga, meditation, walking, exercise programs, smoking cessation support and massage therapy. Specialized therapies, such as acupuncture, cranial-sacral therapy and biofeedback can be arranged (off-site) as a part of individualized plans.

The food we grow, prepare and serve is produced through organic means whenever possible, and reflects a contemporary philosophy for diet and nutrition. Our chefs specialize in healthy, nutritionally balanced cuisine. Staff and residents are gaining new insight into their well being through our integrative wellness coaching. Our cuisine includes ample quantities of quality fish, chicken and meat, most of it from local suppliers. Individuals seeking vegetarian, vegan or gluten free cuisine are especially well cared for. Our holistic nutritionist also works with our psychiatrist to offer dietary supplements for optimal and mental health improvement.

Fresh veggiesOur Wellness Director develops an individualized care plan for each resident including an assessment for metabolic syndrome risk factors. At-risk individuals are asked to accept wellness interventions in their Overall Recovery Plan that may include adherence to a diet approved by our nutritionist, weight reduction and toning through exercise and restriction from a diet of junk foods, caffeine and high-sugar content processed foods.

Addiction to nicotine, especially in the form of smoking cigarettes, is also addressed. Smoking areas are limited. All of our buildings are smoke-free. Each resident is encouraged to cease smoking and is given professional support to meet this goal.

By looking beyond traditional treatments of mental health, the CooperRiis Healing Community embraces and honors the whole person, seeking not only recovery of mental health but restoration of overall optimal health.

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