Partial Hospitalization Program: Now accepting applications

Transitional living fosters independent living skills, supported by CooperRiis staff.
Transitional living at the Asheville Community Program is the best choice for gaining independent living skills, skills achieved while attending the residential program at the CooperRiis at Asheville or the CooperRiis Farm.
These newly learned skills come to life in the Asheville Community Program; residents’ dreams continue to take shape and increase his/her stability, hope, health, and tools to achieve full community re-integration, self-sufficiency, and engagement.
What starts as a dream statement often becomes a tangible, meaningful reality. For some, it means attending college or full-time employment. It implies better coping skills and a healthier approach to everyday living.
The CooperRiis Community Program in Asheville follows a stay at either our Asheville or Mill Spring main campuses.

Audrey Morris
Audrey Morris, M.Ed., LCMHC, QS, LSAS-A
Clinical Director
Randine Nadeau , MEd, MS, FNP-BC, PMHNP-BC
Nurse Practitioner
Jenny Hayes
Jenny Hayes, MSW, LCSWA
Assistant Clinical Director
Tom Wilder
Tom Wilder, LCMHC
Integrative Therapist
jen Brock
Jennifer “Jen” Brock, LCSW, LCAS
Integrative Therapist
Tyler Mudd
Tyler Mudd, MRC, LCMHCA, CRC
PHP Therapist
William "Bill" Anixter
William “Bill” Anixter, MD
Christina Jacob
Christina Jacob, MSW, LCSW
Integrative Therapist
Desiree Frielingsdorf
Desiree Frielingsdorf, MSW, LCSWA
PHP Therapist
Will Carter
Will Carter, LCSWA, LCASA
Team Therapist
Haley Cohen
Haley Cohen, MS, LCMHC, CRC
Team Therapist
Brenna Shea
Brenna Shea, MA, LCMHC, NCC
Integrative and Team Therapist
Shannon Perry
Shannon Perry, MS, LCMHC-A
Vocational Counselor
Claudia Segal
Claudia Segal, BA
Recovery Coach
Megan Stockman
Megan Stockman, BS
Recovery Coach
Caitlyn Picot
Caitlyn “Catie” Picot
House Advisor Supervisor
Lydia Clark
Lydia Clark, BSW
Residential Advisor
Rachel Dinunzio
Rachel Dinunzio, BA
Recovery Coach
Bennett Finkler
Bennett Finkler
House Advisor
Roberta Greenspan
Roberta Greenspan, BS
House Advisor
Sarah Carey
Sara Carey
Weekend Supervisor
Suzanna Wejbro
Suzanna Wejbro
House Advisor
Noel Swineburne
Noel Swineburne
House Advisor
Julian Kline
Julian Kline
House Advisor
Marie Gaddy
Marie Gaddy, BS, Ed
Office Manager
Carleigh Holley
Carleigh Holley, BA
Residential Operations Director
Alysia Savoy
Alysia Savoy, BA
Assistant Office Manager