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colette featherston

Colette Featherston, BA

Training Specialist

I am most grateful to have worked for CooperRiis for several years, having meaningful daily connections and personal growth opportunities in different roles. Over time my skills and interests and family life have changed, and CooperRiis has allowed me to adapt along the way.

Colette joined the CooperRiis Community Work and Service (CWS) Garden/landscape team as their crew leader at the Farm, leading the CWS team in Asheville before becoming a Senior Recovery Coach. Currently, Colette is training staff in Crisis Prevention, coordinating the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work (DEI) at CooperRiis, and serves as a Family Education Program Liaison.

On a personal note, Colette is a postpartum doula – providing support to families after a new baby arrives. 

It feels very connected to my experience at CooperRiis – walking alongside people during transformative times in life.

Colette earned a Bachelor of Arts degree at Guilford College, majoring in Sociology/Anthropology and Peace & Conflict Studies. She is also the mother of a creative, busy first-grader.