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With the opening of our “CooperRiis at Asheville” program, we are proud to offer a full continuum of care. Starting with short-term stabilization, with the ability to transition to a long-term work-based residential program or our transitional living program, and finally, independent living support, CooperRiis is there every step of the way for someone to begin their journey to mental health recovery.

CooperRiis at Asheville is our highest level of care, offering residential treatment that is short-term programming designed to promote stabilization when one is entering the early stages of mental health recovery. Insurance out-of-network benefits may be used.

Medication Management-Stabilization-Psychiatry-Psychotherapy-Group therapy, 24 Hour Nursing-Family Education-Life Skills-Aftercare Planning

For the CooperRiis at Asheville program, please contact
or call 844-522-1234 to speak to our Asheville Admissions Team. 

The Farm at CooperRiis is our next level of residential care that offers a structured environment through clinical care, purposeful work, and wellness practices.

For the Farm at CooperRiis program, please contact or call 828-894-7140 to speak to our Admissions Team. ​​​​​​

The Asheville Community Program can be entered after completing our “CooperRiis at Asheville” program or “The Farm” program. This program is a semi-independent transitional living arrangement with live-in staff supporting community members in daily living.

Psychiatry • Psychotherapy • Medication Management 

CooperRiis Support, a community member, has successfully transitioned out of the Asheville Community Program and moved into independent living. ​​​Limited staff support, clinical supports, recovery-oriented social activities.