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CooperRiis Healing Community

Mind and heart working together for mental health recovery
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Welcome to CooperRiis, a residential healing community and progressive transitional living program for adults struggling with mental health challenges.

Set in the mountains of Western North Carolina, our healing community offers a unique approach to recovery with a balance of trusted clinical therapies, purposeful work, community service, education, and holistic health and wellness practices. From the start, the CooperRiis experience is grounded in hope and guided by a personal Dream Statement to empower residents in their recovery. We believe recovery from mental illness is possible and best achieved when individuals and their families are active participants on the journey ahead.

The CooperRiis Approach

Mind & Heart Working Together
Spending time in the greenhouse with horticultural therapy

We help adults living with mental illness with a personalized approach to treatment.

What We Treat

Committed to a personalized approach to care, we offer residential treatment programs for adults 18+ after completing inpatient hospitalization care, referred from a clinician, a family member or another program, and who have been diagnosed with these mental health conditions:

Anxiety Disorders
Bipolar Disorder
Dual Diagnosis
Major Depressive Disorders
Personality Disorders
Schizophrenia & Schizoaffective Disorders

Our clinical care is grounded in a supportive community with traditional psychotherapy and group therapies, along with optimized medication use and education to guide residents toward personal long-term care management.

Two men prepare salad together and laugh

Engaging in meaningful work, from kitchen to farm, helps empower residents on their healing journey.

Work & Service

Our Community Work & Service Program is rooted in the healing power of social engagement and being a part of a community. At CooperRiis, residents spend up to 20 hours a week, working as a part of a team that contributes daily to life on our community campuses. Residents can choose work that inspires and best matches their interests, including horticulture and animal care, cooking and baking, carpentry, landscaping, and drum building.

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A young man and woman prepare lunch together in the kitchen

Residents learn how healthy eating, exercise and relaxation play a role in their return to mental wellness.

Integrative Wellness

Our Integrative Wellness Program supports an individual’s mental health recovery through optimal nutrition, fitness goal-setting, mindfulness, and relaxation practices. Residents establish goals for healthy living, improved fitness and weight maintenance through a personalized wellness plan that tracks progress throughout their stay. Over time, these experiences help inspire and guide residents to better self-awareness and care for lifelong wellbeing.

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A young man plays banjo while a young woman plays the drum sitting in a community area

Residents face their mental health challenges with the support of a caring, compassionate community.


At CooperRiis, we believe that mental health healing is best achieved not in isolation, but in a caring, compassionate community. We provide a safe and structured treatment setting in which residents and staff work, live, play, dine and create together, and where, together, residents are empowered on their road to recovery.

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A young woman paints with watercolors on canvas

Personal hopes and dreams guide residents on their journey to mental health recovery.

Dream Statement

At CooperRiis, we empower residents to take ownership of their recovery journey. Rather than focus on an illness or mental health diagnosis, we shift the resident’s focus to wellness and possibility. Upon arrival, each resident writes or articulates a personal Dream Statement, laying out their hopes for the future. Throughout the recovery process, the Dream Statement serves as a roadmap for each resident as they work toward their valued goals.

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Residential Community

First Steps Toward Mental Health Wellness

Asheville Campus

Known as “85Z,” our city campus is set on four wooded acres in the historic Montford neighborhood, close to downtown and the University of North Carolina at Asheville. It features a horticulture room, an art studio, woodshop, exercise facilities and vegetable and herb gardens. Most Asheville campus residents travel around the area to community work and volunteering activities.


Mill Spring Campus

“The Farm” campus is our 94-acre working farm located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the heart of horse country 45 minutes south of Asheville. The peaceful, bucolic campus includes an art barn and woodshop, lake, forest trails, and four acres of organic gardens and greenhouses. Farm residents spend the majority of their week on campus, with weekend trips into nearby towns.


Transitional Living

Fostering Life Skills in a Community Setting
Transitional Living at CooperRiis

Through our Transitional Living program, residents move toward independence and a life of purpose.

We believe in the hope our transitional living program gives our residents and their families as they progress on their journey toward independent living. Our two-phased program, which follows successful completion of the residential program in Asheville, is dedicated to growing and nurturing educational, vocational, social and life skills over time in a community setting which leads to a resident living independently with continued support as needed for ongoing life, education and work goals.

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