The Community Program, our extended CooperRiis Community


Recognizing that recovery is not always linear, CooperRiis provides a multi-level Healing Community within which the resident feels a sense of belonging and experiences kindness and respect as his or her Recovery Journey progresses. To read the full program outline, click here.

CooperRiis is a community; in fact, most residents tell us that aspect is the most important aspect of their recovery experience with us. As each moves toward greater independence and challenge, residents who choose the CooperRiis Community Program may remain in a formal relationship with CooperRiis while gaining skills in the work-a-day world, in going to college, and in managing their Reading in a community Homeown living arrangements. As residents move through CooperRiis' four levels of community programming, they become more and more independent. The final levels in Extended Community Services may provide permanent support for some. Most, however, will move fully beyond CooperRiis' formal services at some point and may enjoy membership in our Alumni Network, where mutuality and peer support help to sustain recovery. To join or lean more, please contact our Outreach Manager, Elaine Vance.

Some ask about the average stay at CooperRiis prior to movement into the Community Program. This statistic has little meaning, since the stays of our residents are highly individualized. Some may benefit from a stay of three months, while others may extend their stay to two years. (Three years is the maximum.)

Each stay is governed by the resident's personal Recovery Plan, which is driven by their dream and ultimate goals. The ongoing Recovery Planning process is facilitated by the Recovery Coordinator who involves the full Recovery Team, which includes the family.

During their stay each resident will confront their mental health challenge and begin to overcome its symptoms through increased understanding and the development and utilization of effective and personalized coping skills. The resident's full participation in the comprehensive CooperRiis program will increase self-esteem and personal strength. The resident will achieve an integrated identity; the "I" will be defined and will give voice to a story of a hopeful future that will include plans for employment or school and for a fulfilling, healthy and social life style.

As these milestones are reached, the resident may seek to move to our Community Program as a venue for additional growth and recovery.

The Asheville Community Program

Asheville Community HomeResidents may apply for entry into the Asheville or Foothills Community Program where they will focus on retaining and strengthening their recovery. The Community Program, whether in Asheville or Mill Spring/Tryon, provides residents with supportive shared home living. CooperRiis owns, or leases, furnished shared homes to residents and will lease or purchase additional housing as needed; members may also eventually lease their own housing and still receive support from CooperRiis through our Extended Community Services. Each member is required to work, volunteer or attend school for a minimum of 20 hours per week and be able to self-administer their medications and supplements consistently.

The Foothills Community Program

Number 9 House on the Farm CampusThe Foothills Community Program in Mill Spring/Tryon is for residents who do not seek the city life. Some of the members may live nearby and use CooperRiis as a Day or Work Program, while continuing to move to higher levels of independence over a longer period of time. CooperRiis has purchased and leased homes for that purpose.

Each of the alternatives listed above may be utilized for longer-term support, often at decreasing levels of support and cost as the resident or client gains more and more independence.

Some will use the initial CooperRiis experience and shorter-term stays in the Community Program as a springboard toward fully independent living. In these cases, CooperRiis still encourages and supports each member in connecting with an appropriate psychotherapist and psychiatrist in their future community.

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