Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Will insurance cover my family member's stay at CooperRiis?

A: Likely not...

Our efforts to seek out-of-network coverage for long-term residential treatment have been ineffective and frustrating. After two years of helping families seek reimbursement for our fees, (including the use of three advocacy firms) we have come to the sad decision to cease these efforts.

Very few of our families were able to convince their insurance companies of the 'medical necessity' for their loved one’s stay. When they were successful, the moment was short-lived, usually covering very little after much effort was put forth.

Our culture focuses on strengths, on the positive, and on recovery. The calls to insurance companies focused only on the negative, the weaknesses, and the symptoms. In addition, the calls were intrusions into the time that our clinicians needed to be spending with our residents. The insurance pre-certification and re-certification calls were beginning to damage our milieu.

When, and if, insurance companies actually start to cover recovery services such as ours, we will re-visit our decision. If you are interested in advocacy work others are doing to make Mental Health Parity a reality, click this link to visit the Scattergood Foundation to learn about their efforts and The Parity Partnership. CooperRiis has no affiliation with the Scattergood Foundation.

Q: Do you accept Medicaid and Medicare?

A: Medicaid and Medicare typically only covers medication costs.

Q: How long is your waiting list?

A: Most often the applicant is able to move right in to either our Mill Spring (Farm) or Asheville (85Z) campus after his or her exploratory visit. Occasionally, a wait of a week or so may occur.

Q: What happens after my family member leaves CooperRiis?

A: About 50% of our residents will move into our Community Program for longer-term work on their recovery. When someone returns to their home area we help them with a realistic plan and also attempt to make sure they have scheduled appointments with a psychiatrist and a therapist.

Q: Is there a cure for mental illness?

A: We believe that it is possible to overcome the hopelessness of mental illness and learn to manage the illness in productive, life affirming ways; we see this happening everyday at CooperRiis.

Q: How long is the average stay?

A: It is very individualized; some are in need of a short stay, others longer. Generally, the average stay at one of our two main facilities is 6-9 months. When a resident moves on to our community program their length of stay there is based on what it takes to be able to live on their own. Some of our Community Program residents use its three stages of support for a year or more.

Q: What is the monthly program fee?

A: $15,500 per month in the main program; less in the various levels of the community program.

Q: Are scholarships available?

A: Yes, as of the third month, we offer to reduce our rates to whatever is necessary, based on the financial ability of the resident's parents and/or spouse. The resident may receive up to a six-month scholarship at the Farm or 85Z and then an additional six months in each of the three levels of the community program. This means that up to 24 months of scholarship are available after the first two months have been paid at the standard monthly fee.

Q: My family member has substance misuse issues because of his/her mental illness. Can you help?

A: Yes, we have full time dual recovery counselors who offer individual and group support. An applicant must have been free of substance misuse for at least one-month prior to admission.

Q: What diagnoses do you accept & who can qualify to attend CooperRiis?

A: Almost any diagnosis of mental illness will be welcome. We accept people based on their motivation to be at CooperRiis and their desire to achieve recovery. However, we are not for individuals who are currently at risk of self-harm or harm to others or individuals who are in the midst of addiction to substance abuse.

Q: Where is Mill Spring, North Carolina?

A: About 45 minutes southeast of Asheville and 45 minutes north of Greenville & Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Q: Where is your Asheville facility?

A: Our urban facility, also known as the Asheville Campus, 85Z, is located in the historic Montford neighborhood in Asheville near UNCA (University of North Carolina – Asheville), and one mile north of downtown Asheville.

Q: What is the Family Role?

A: We strongly advocate openness with and inclusion of the family in the recovery process. If necessary releases (allowing us to share confidential information) are provided by the resident or guardian, at least once every two weeks staff will contact families by email or phone to give an update on progress being made. Also, we host twice yearly Family Education Weekends which all families of current residents and community members are encouraged to attend. Our therapists will also provide full family therapy, when this can be helpful. Additionally, a Family Education Program, which involves the family, the resident and the therapist, is conducted after the resident has "settled in". This program consists of weekly phone or personal meetings over eight weeks.

Q: What does the monthly fee cover?

A: Everything except, outside physician fees, medications, supplements, transportation fees and spending money for personal items.

Q: Are medications included in the fee?

A: No. Medications are arranged through a local pharmacy and each family is obligated to ensure that their cost is covered. Often the costs are covered by insurance.

Q: Is my family members stay confidential?

A: Yes, however, if a full release is provided and instructions given, we will do our best to meet the request and communicate with authorized persons.

Q: How large is your program?

A: We can house up to 36 residents on the CooperRiis Farm campus and up to 24 in the CooperRiis 85Z campus in Asheville. We currently have room for 40 community members in our ever-expanding Community Program. The number of residents who can be in our Extended Services (the last level of the program) is not limited by our residential capacity; the current '40' in our Community Program may grow considerably.

Should you have questions that were not addressed here, please contact us. We would be happy to answer any of your questions.

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