Fees and Scholarships:


We expect that each resident or his or her, parents or guardian or spouse will pay our standard program fee of $15,500 per month for each of the first two months of residency at our main campus, where our residents begin their recovery experience. We are lower in cost than comparable programs because our Founders have been so successful in capitalizing our program through philanthropy. Families with sufficient resources are asked to continue paying the monthly program fee of $15,500, until the resident moves to our lower priced Community Program.

CooperRiis Farm CampusThose who are unable to sustain payment of the standard program fee are encouraged to seek a reduction by applying for a scholarship that may begin with the third month of residency. We are most often able to reduce our fees to meet the family's financial circumstances, especially for those residents who have shown a strong commitment to their recovery.

Scholarships may be allowed for up to 24 months; 6 months at CooperRiis and 6 months at each of the three Community Program levels. About half of our families seek and receive a scholarship, the total of which accumulates to almost $3 million a year. The other half of our families has the means to cover our standard program fee and expresses satisfaction with the value of the services provided.

CooperRiis is an independent, non-profit organization and receives no federal, state or insurance funding. All fees are paid for by the resident and his or her family. At this time, our residential treatment services are not covered by health insurance. For more information about insurance, visit out FAQ page.

Admissions decisions are "need blind" and based simply on whether or not we believe we can be of benefit to the applicant.

Program Fee Schedule

  1. $15,500 a month - CooperRiis Intensive Residential Program; Healing Farm Community in Mill Spring and 85Z Program in Asheville, live in staff.
  2. $8,900 a month - Community Transitional Program (Residential); homes located in Mill Spring, Tryon, and Asheville, live in staff.
  3. $4,200 a month – Community Support Program (Residential) daytime Staff.
  4. $2,000 a month – Extended Community Services. (Non-residential)
  5. $14,500 a month – Number Nine House. A special home for residents, with live in staff, whose journey is longer and more individualized. (Limited to four residents.) There is no scholarship offered for this specialized longer-term care program.
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