Fees and Scholarships:


CooperRiis is an independent, non-profit organization that covers its expenses through fees and philanthropy. The resident’s family enters into a contract to pre-pay our standard monthly fees. At this time, our standard fees are generally not covered by health insurance.

CooperRiis Farm CampusAs of January 1, 2016, fees for our highest levels of residential care at the Mill Spring or the Asheville campus are $19,500 per month for each of the first three months. As of the fourth month, the standard fee drops to $15,500 per month. These fees cover everything except psychiatry, outside physician fees, medications, supplements, transportation fees and personal spending money.

Monthly fees for subsequent levels of residential care in our Community Program range from $2000 to $8900 per month, depending on the level of support.

Financial Aid in the form of fee reductions may be available beginning with the fourth month of residency in one of the main campuses. We understand that families may need to know if they are eligible for a fourth month fee reduction ‘up front’ so that they can gauge overall costs. Any family may contact the Finance office at 828-894-7301 at any point in the process to fill out a Rate Reduction Form. Once a reduced rate has been set, it is limited to 6 months at each level of the program. If a resident requires more than 6 months at a level of care, the family is asked to pay for the next month at full fee with the following three months reverting to the agreed upon reduced rate.

Program Fee Schedule

  1. $19,500 a month for three months; $15,500 thereafter - CooperRiis Intensive Residential Program; Healing Farm Community in Mill Spring and 85Z Program in Asheville, live in staff. (Level A)

  2. $8,900 a month - Community Transitional Program (Residential); homes located in Mill Spring, Tryon, and Asheville, live in staff. (Level B)

  3. $4,200 a month – Community Support Program (Residential) daytime Staff. (Level C)

  4. $2,000 a month – Non-residential Extended Community Services. (Level D)
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